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Service Department

Battery- Check Cranking Voltage

Battery Guide

Checking Your Oil (Yamaha)

Clutch Bolts

Electrical Connections (Protecting)

Exhaust Studs

Float Bowl Adjustment

Generator Stator and Rectifier/Regulator Replacement

Headlight Adjustment

Lube Your Swingarm/Install Grease Fittings

Lube Your Swingarm/Install Zerk Fittings  (From Gadget's Fixit Page)

Main and Pilot Jets

Power Calculations

Push Rod Installation

Starter Spin #1

Starter Spin #2

Torque Specs  (entire bike from randysgym)

Yamaha Tech Bulletin (2/2/05)


Maintenance Shop

Belt Adjustment

Clutch Cable Adjustment

Engine Break-In

Gas Mileage (Humor)

Gas Tank Rust

General Maintenance Tips

More Than You've Ever Wanted to Know About Motor Oil

Motorcycle Oil vs Automotive Oil

Odo's Maintenance File

Oil Change

Oil Drain Plugs

Oil Filters

Sparkplug Guide

Sparkplug Resistors- Replace w/ Solid Copper

Transfer Case Oil Change

Wheel Alignment

Wheel Removal

Winter Storage

Winterizing Your Motorcycle


Detailing Shop

Color Rite-  Color Charts

Dent Removal

Polishing Aluminum (some links)

Polishing Fork Legs

Polishing Fork Legs (by hand)

Polishing Top Tins

Powdercoating Explained

Relace and True Spoke Wheels

Restoring Tips

Yamaha Cleaning Tips


Tips & Tricks

Air Filter Basics

Air Kit- Gasman's LEAK (Less Expensive Air Kit)

AIS Plugs (Removing a Broken)

Balancing Front Spoke Wheel

Bolt Information (Useful and Printable Info on Bolts)

     US Bolt Diameter and Thread Chart

     US Machine Screw Diameter and Thread Chart

     Metric Bolt Diameter and Thread Chart  (Print it out, you'll use it)

     Metric Machine Screw Diameter and Thread Chart

     USS & SAE Flat Washer Chart

     US and Metric Ruler

     US and Metric Thread Guage   (Great to have !!)

     Fastener Identification Chart

Breather Filter

Chariot Manifold- Install

Choke Knob- Adjusting for Chrome Knob

Coils- Wrapping Stockers

Emblem Removal

Engine Break-In

Dyna 3000 Ignition Install

Engine Tear Down and Reassembly Series

Fork Air Caps- Install

Fork Seal- Install (Without Using Metal)

Fuel Pump (Stock)- Removal

Installing a V.O.E.S. for HSR Mikuni

Load Equalizers 1

Load Equalizers 2

Load Equalizer Install

Lower Your Saddlebags

Lowers- How to Make Your Own

Lowers- Stop the Vibration !

Motorcycle Dictionary (Cool !!)

Nemesis or Dynatech Coils & Wires Install

Performance Guide

Road King Crash Bar- Install

Sealing Spoked Wheels to Run Tubeless

Starter Relays  (Road Star and Warrior)

Stebel Horn- Installation (with Pictures)

Stebel Horn- Mod (with Pictures)

Stebel Horns-  Wiring Diagrams

Tracking Down Unwanted Noise

Trim Your Windshield

U.S. Codes/ Headlight Modulation

Warrior Starter and Bulldog's Starter Cables Install

Wheels- Install 2004+ Cast Wheels on 2003 and Earlier Road Stars


Parts Department 

Click Here  (Microfiche Look up)


Tires Department

Deciphering Your Tire

Tire Maintenance Guide

Tire Sizes

Tire Wear Patterns



Build a Take-Apart Bike Stand

Handlebar Measurements

Jetting (Effects of Temperature, Altitude and Humidity)

Road Star Mania !!!  (fun video)

Total Motorcyle Website

Valve Springs

Welding Aluminum

Why a Road Star Sounds...


Off-Site Tech Links

Beginner's Guide to Motorcycling

Dan's Motorcycle Repair Web Page

Fat Bike's Fat Pages...

FXSTEIN- Frankenstein's Blog  (has info on EFI)

Gadget's Fixit Page  (Kawasaki site, but awesome !!)  Motorcycle Yellow Pages   (Worldwide listing of Yamaha dealers and resources)

Motorcycle Info and Accessories

Motorcycle Maintenance Links

Motorcycle Tips and Techniques  (200+ great articles on maintenance, safety, etc.)

Mototune USA

Mr. Tidy's Tech Tips

Night Sky Customs  (AIS Removal)

Paul Milner (Yamaha Manual Downloads)

RaS Docs

Road Star Documents

The KneeSlider

The Road Star Clinic



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