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Welcome to my birding page. I compile the Central Pennsylvania Birdline and there is a link to the most recent birdline below.

I would encourage anyone interested in the birds of Pennsylvania to join the Pennsylvania Society of Ornithology (PSO). This organization is for both professional and non-professional birders. There is something in it for birders of any skill level. The PSO publishes a quarterly journal, Pennsylvania Birds , that has articles about various aspects of birding in Pennsylvania. For example, in the issue covering the summer of 2003, there are articles on Black-capped Chickadee eruptions in Pennsylvania, one that models the effects of potential climate change on the summer distribution of nongame birds in Pennsylvania , one that describes two local bird clubs (Presque Isle and Delaware County), an article about how to take digiscope pictures, quarterly summaries of birds seen the preceding year, lists of rare bird sightings and photographs of various birds. Additional information about the PSO is located at:

I've set up a web page for the Allegheny Front Hawk Watch, where I will be the counter on Sundays for the 2003 Spring and Fall migration seasons, at:

 The following documents a Black-headed Gull observed at Moraine State Park, PA on 12 December 1998:

This link has a few pictures and description of an Eared Grebe seen at Centre Furnace Pond outside of State College, Pennsylvania on 30 January 1999.

This link contains a few pictures of a female Clay-colored Sparrow, one of a mated pair, that was present at Piney Tract in Clarion County on 5 June 1999.

The following link contains photos and description of a Ross's Goose seen at Luxor Pond in Westmoreland County on 10/20/1999 and 10/21/1999.

The following link provides pictures of a pair of fourth-year Bald Eagles seen at Beaver Run Reservoir, Westmoreland County, PA on 15 January 2000.

Digital photographs of a Northern Shrike seen at Mammoth Park, Westmoreland County, PA on 27 February 2000 are at the following link:

A photograph of a Red-tailed Hawk nest observed on 29 April 2000 at Bow Ridge in Westmoreland County is at:

Photographs of an adult Eastern Screech Owl seen during a Pennsylvania Society of Ornithology outing on 20 May 2000 in Greene County, PA are at:

Photographs of Semipalmated and Least Sandpipers at a pond in Washington County, PA on 4 August 2000 are at:

Photographs of a winter male Lapland Longspur seen in a grassy farm field near Crabtree, Westmoreland County, PA on 24 February 2001 are at:

A photograph of an albanistic Red-tailed Hawk seen at Miller's Pond on 18 August 2001 is at:

Photographs of a juvenile Wood Stork seen near Mosiertown, Crawford County, PA on 18 August 2001 are at:

A second Wood Stork was found in Adams County, Pennsylvania and the following is a photograph of that bird taken by Bob Moul:

Photographs of a juvenile White Ibis found at Yellow Creek State Park, Indiana County, PA on 19 August 2001 are at:

A photograph of a Greater White-fronted Goose found at Long Arm Dam on 24 November 2001 by Bob Moul is at:

A photograph of a Brant found at Boston, Allegheny County, PA on 5 January 2002 is at:

A photograph of a Short-eared Owl observed near West Lebanon, PA on 24 February 2002 is at:

Photographs of a nesting Bald Eagle from Western Pennsylvania taken on 9 March 2002 are at:

Photographs of a flock of 9 American Avocets found by Mike Fowles at Beaver Run Reservoir on 23 July 2002:

Poor photographs of a Snowy Plover found at a pond near Imperial in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania on 6 August 2002.:

Photographs of a Green-tailed Towhee that was visiting feeders near Center in Juniata County, Pennsylvania on 16 November 2002.:

More photographs of a Green-tailed Towhee that was visiting feeders near Center in Juniata County, Pennsylvania taken on 23 November 2002.:

Photographs of three Trumpeter Swans at St. Vincent Wetlands (Monastery Run) on 20 December 2002 are at:

Photographs of a nesting Bald Eagle from Western Pennsylvania taken on 25 March 2003 are at:

Photographs of Hurricane Isabel fallout birds taken on 19 September 2003 in Somerset and Indiana Counties, Pennsylvania, are at:

Two Greater White Fronted Geese seen along the Indiana County and Westmoreland County border on 1 March 2004.

Photographs of a Townsend's Solitaire that was seen in State Game Lands 30, McKean County, on 12 February 2005 are at:


The following is a page of links to other interesting birding sites.


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