Wood Stork

Mycteria americana
Mosiertown, Crawford County, PA
18 August 2001
Photos by Mark A. McConaughy

This juvenile Wood Stork came in to roost on a dead tree located near a yellow machine shop just south of Mosiertown at 8:20 PM, but the branch it was standing on broke. So it flew over to another live tree until it could compose itself. These photographs were taken as it was on the live tree. The juvenile Wood Stork later flew back over to the dead tree. The sky was dark and all of my digital shots I took through my scope set of the flash because it was so dark. Unfortunately, that meant all the shots were grossly underexposed (i.e., they basically came out black) since the flash had no effect on the actual photo location. The camera does not permit an overide. However, at least with digital shots and a computer, you can lighten the photographs to some extent. These photos are not the best, but at least show the Wood Stork.

In this picture, you can see the pinkish-yellow bill of the juvenile Wood Stork. The top of the head was still losing some of its white feathers, the face around the eyes was black. The body, back, breast, belly and most of the wing of the bird was white. The primaries and secondaries of the wing were black and the tail was black.

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