* Pennsylvania
* Central Pennsylvania
* May 28, 2015
* PACE1505.28
Bird Highlights
GLOSSY IBIS (Dauphin & Northumberland Cos.)
SANDHILL CRANE (Bradford & Lancaster/Lebanon Cos.)
CLAY COLORED SPARROW (Lancaster/Lebanon Cos.)
PINE SISKIN (Centre, Cumberland, Dauphin, Franklin, Tioga & York Cos.)
Hotline: Central Pennsylvania Birdline
May 28, 2015
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Compiler: Mark A. McConaughy
Coverage: Central Pennsylvania, Susquehanna River Drainage System
Transcriber: Mark A. McConaughy

Welcome to Pennsylvania Audubon's Birdline. This Birdline covers sightings made the week prior to Thursday, May 28, 2015.

One SANDHILL CRANE was seen on May 24 at Crane Swamp near Wilmot (DH).

One COMMON TERN was seen on May 22 at Beltzville State Park (BW, RR).

One BLUE GROSBEAK was observed on May 23 along the Prairie Grass Trail at Lehigh Gap Nature Center (CH).

One DUNLIN was seen on May 23 near the Foster Joseph Sayers Dam at Bald Eagle State Park (LC, JC).

A BLACK TERN was observed on May 24 at Black Moshannon Lake (MB).

One ORANGE-CROWNED WARBLER was singing on May 24 at the intersection of German and Spruce Roads (AC).

Up to 2 PINE SISKINS continue to visit a feeder in Park Forest Village through May 26 (SB).

The BREWSTER'S WARBLER continues to be seen at Scotia Barrens through at least May 25 (JCo).

One UPLAND SANDPIPER was seen on May 25 along Sandy Ridge Road near the village of Clover Run (DR).

An OLIVE-SIDED FLYCATCHER was observed on May 26 along Baker Run near Sabula (DR).

Up to 3 PINE SISKINS continue to visit the Strassner's feeders through May 26 (SS).

Two PINE SISKINS continue to visit the Reeser's feeders through May 25 (ER).

One PINE SISKIN continues to visit a feeder in Harrisburg through May 22 (RS).

Two GLOSSY IBISES were seen on May 23 flying up the Susquehanna River at Fort Hunter (EB).

One RED-HEADED WOODPECKER was observed on May 24 at 2451-2499 Clarks Valley Road (AM, RK).

One BLUE GROSBEAK was seen on May 26 on private Fort Indiantown Gap property (IG).

Up to 7 PINE SISKINS continue to visit feeders along Laurel Drive through May 25 (VB).

One ALDER FLYCATCHER was seen on May 25 in State Game Lands 076 Lower Horse Valley (BO).

One GOLDEN EAGLE was seen on May 21 near Stone Valley (NE).

One BLACK TERN was seen on May 24 at Conejohela Flats (BC).

One CLAY-COLORED SPARROW was singing on May 23 in the field just north of the tour road that goes back to the cul de sac at Middle Creek Wildlife Management Area (BC, MH, VP, ZM). Up to 2 SANDHILL CRANES, 2 ALDER FLYCATCHERS and 1 YELLOW-BELLIED FLYCATCER also were at Middle Creek between May 23 and 26 (ME, TN, BC, SH, ZM, JF, LB, VP, PF, AW, GR, RR, AH). One SEMIPALMATED PLOVER, 3 LEAST SANDPIPERS, 1 DUNLIN and a DOWITCHER sp. was present between May 25 and 26 (PF, DBi). A PROTHONOTARY WARBLER was heard singing on May 25 between the Museum Pond and the twin ponds (PF).

One YELLOW-BELLIED FLYCATCHER was seen on May 21 at the Heller's property (JH).

An OLIVE-SIDED FLYCATCHER was observed on May 23 at Memorial Lake in Fort Indiantown Gap (TB, KB).

The CHUCK-WILLS-WIDDOW was heard calling in the evening of May 24 along Tomstown Road at Fort Indiantown Gap (TB).

One RED-HEADED WOODPECKER was seen on May 26 at Beech Mountain Lakes (JD).

One SORA was calling on May 24 in the cattail wetland of the Larson Tract in State Game Lands 75 (BBr, BB, DB, DBr).

One PINE SISKIN was seen on May 25 at 1225-1499 Nippenose Road (DB, DBr, BB, BBr).

One YELLOW-BELLIED FLYCATCHER was observed on May 25 in Little Pine State Park (EH, YH).

One RED-HEADED WOODPECKER was seen on May 21 near Watsontown (DG).

One GLOSSY IBIS was observed on May 26 at Warrior Run Wetlands (MHe).

Two GOLDEN-WINGED WARBLERS were seen on May 22 along Bryner Road in Tuscarora State Forest (TN).

A GOLDEN-WINGED WARBLER was observed on May 23 in Little Buffalo State Park (CK).

Up to 2 PINE SISKINS visited feeders at a house along White Lane through May 22 (KR).

Two MARSH WRENS were seen on May 23 at the north end of The Muck (LS). Six MARSH WRENS were found on May 25 at Marsh Creek in The Muck (DH).

One PINE SISKINS were seen at a feeder on May 21 in a yard near the rail trail in Blackwell (CDr, CD, PW, JW).

An OLIVE-SIDED FLYCATCHER was seen on May 22 at Rocky Ridge County Park (DC).

One PINE SISKIN continues to visit feeders at 53 S. York Street in Goldsboro through May 23 (BS).

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*PORC = Pennsylvania Ornithological Record Committee. Rare bird sightings should be documented with written descriptions and photographs whenever possible and sent to PORC for review. To submit a report to PORC go to this link:

The following people have contributed to this report: V. Barnes (VB), Kathy Becker (KB), Tim Becker (TB), Larry Bernhardt (LB), Ed Bernot (EB), Don Billett (DB), Susan Braun (SB), Margaret Brittingham (MB), Bob Brown (BBr), Bobby Brown (BB), David Brown (DB), Deb Brown (DBr), Bruce Carl (BC), John Carter (JC), Lindera Carter (LC), Alyssia Church (AC), Dick Cleary (DC), Jack Cochran (JCo), Jonathan DeBalko (JD), Carl Drasher (CD), Carolyn Drasher (CDr), Nathan Elliot (NE), Mike Epler (ME), Jim Fiorentino (JF), Pamela Fisher (PF), Ian Gardner (IG), Daniel Gillespie (DG), Sue Hannon (SH), Eric Hartshaw (EH), Yvonne Hartshaw (YH), Matthew Heinzelman (MHe), Jonathan Heller (JH), Donna Hocker (DHo), Deuane Hoffman (DH), Anne Hurst (AH), Melvin Hurst (MH), Corey Husic (CH), Chad Kauffman (CK), Ramsay Koury (RK), Annette Mathes (AM), Zachary Millen (ZM), Ted Nichols II (TN), Bill Oyler (BO), Vince Pantanella (VP), Ellen Reeser (ER), Rich Rehrig (RR), Dan Richards (DR), Kathryn Riley (KR), Gary Robson (GR), Brian Shade (BS), Rosemary Spreha (RS), Susan Strassner (SS), Lisa Sumner (LS), Billy Weber (BW), Andrew Wolf (AW), Jane Wolfe (JW) and Peter Wolfe (PW). I apologize if I have misspelled their names and I will also refrain from naming that person on request.

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