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* July 2, 2015
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Bird Highlights
MARSH WREN (Tioga Co.)
DICKCISSEL (Lancaster Co.)
Hotline: Central Pennsylvania Birdline
July 2, 2015
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Compiler: Mark A. McConaughy
Coverage: Central Pennsylvania, Susquehanna River Drainage System
Transcriber: Mark A. McConaughy

Welcome to Pennsylvania Audubon's Birdline. This Birdline covers sightings made the week prior to Thursday, July 2, 2015.

One MARSH WREN was seen on June 26 at the Dunning Creek Wetlands (SD).

An OLIVE-SIDED FLYCATCHER continues to be seen and heard calling at Wild Creek Reservoir through June 28 (RR).

Five ALDER FLYCATCHERS were found on June 25 at the Tamarack Swamp Important Bird Area (NB).

Up to 2 PINE SISKINS continue to visit feeders along Laurel Drive through June 27 (VB).

Three PEREGRINE FALCONS were seen on June 25 at the Route 462 Columbia-Wrightsville Bridge (ML).

Up to 2 DICKCISSELS continue to be observed through June 29 near a power line tower at the Chestnut Grove Natural Area (LB, TN, ZM, SS, ME, AWe).

Two PEREGRINE FALCONS were seen on June 28 at the Kirby Park Natural Area (RW).

A RED-HEADED WOODPECKER continues to be observed through June 30 at Beech Mountain Lakes (JD).

Two BLUE GROSBEAKS were found on June 30 at reclaimed mine lands near Glen Lyon (JD).

One adult drake WHITE-WINGED SCOTER was seen on June 26 on the West Branch of the Susquehanna River between the Market Street and Maynard Street bridges (JY). It was observed on June 28 at the Williamsport Dam (DB, BB, BBr).

Up to 5 MARSH WRENS continue to be observed at the Marsh Creek area of The Muck through June 28 (AW, LS).

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*PORC = Pennsylvania Ornithological Record Committee. Rare bird sightings should be documented with written descriptions and photographs whenever possible and sent to PORC for review. To submit a report to PORC go to this link:

The following people have contributed to this report: V. Barnes (VB), Larry Bernhardt (LB), Nick Bolgiano (NB), Bob Brown (BBr), Bobby Brown (BB), Deb Brown (DB), Jonathan DeBalko (JD), Sally Dick (SD), Mike Epler (ME), Meredith Lombard (ML), Zachary Millen (ZM), Ted Nichols II (TN), Rich Rehrig (RR), Stan Stahl (SS), Lisa Sumner (LS), Robert Wasilewski (RW), Andrew Weitzel (AWe), Andy Wilson (AW) and Joseph Yoder (JY). I apologize if I have misspelled their names and I will also refrain from naming that person on request.

I would also like to point out that one of the people who regularly reports to the hotline is Bob Schutsky, owner of BIRD TREKS Tours. He leads birding tours in other areas of North and Central America. You can contact him at 717-548-3303 or at his new web site:
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