Branta bernicla

Boston, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania

Saturday, 5 January 2002

Photos by Mark A. McConaughy

Juvenile Brant seen at Boston boat ramp on 5 January 2002. It lacks any indication of a neck marking (note: there is some ice on the neck where the "V" should be located, but it isn't really part of the neck marking) typical of adult Brants. It was photographed through a Leica spotting scope with a 32X eyepiece and 3X digital camera lens (effective magification of 96X), as were the next two pictures.

Another view of the juvenile Brant. They typically have dark head, neck and bill. There is no indication of the "V" shaped marking on the neck characteristic of an adult Brant.

Rear view of the juvenile Brant. It was about the size of some nearby Mallards which could be used for size comparisons. Brants are not a large form of goose.

View of the immature Brant walking on the park grass at Boston. This photograph was taken just with the digital camera with a 3X setting on the lens. The bird is not easily spooked and seems to like people (possibly some folks are feeding it?).

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