Red-tailed Hawk Nest

Buteo jamaicensis

by Mark A. McConaughy

The following picture is of a Red-tailed Hawk nest that was seen during a Westmoreland County Bird Club outing to Bow Ridge (Conemaugh Reservoir, Westmoreland County, PA) on 29 April 2000. The photograph was taken looking down from the ridge into the nest, which was located in the upper section of a tree on the ridge slope. It was taken with a Fujifilm DX9 digital camera held up to the 32x objective lens of a Leica spotting scope. The camera has a 3x zoom lens and the picture was taken using the 3x setting held up to the 32x objective, yielding roughly a 96x shot of the nest. The nest and the Red-tails were not disturbed by the outing participants, and the Red-tails did not know we were looking at them.

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