List of Rare and Unreleased Recordings by Donna Summer

UPDATE May 23, 2012 - "Living La Dolce Vita"

This was one of the last songs Donna Summer recorded. In an interview for Nashville News 2, Nathan Digesare talked about his work with Donna: "She'd come here and sing I used to be out there on the piano. We used to let the tape roll and see what we came up with at the end of the night, finished songs, we have a lot of songs that aren't finished, but maybe someday the world will hear them".

Someday ... soon Nathan? :-) I"m adding "Living La Dolce Vita" to my list. Great beat by the way. You can listen to a short clip of this song here.

UPDATE May 23, 2012 - Last Dance Wednesday - Donna Summer Tribute from Fans

Wednesday May 23, 2012 has been designated Last Dance Wednesday, as a tribute to the late Donna Summer by her fans. Last Dance was Donna's signature song and the song she used to close her concerts with.

Please join us in a last farewell to Donna Summer by purchasing the song Last Dance from any online service. Her fans want Donna at the top of the charts one more time, this will surely bring attention to the unreleased material we want to hear.

Last Dance, last chance for love ...


UPDATE May 20, 2012 -This week we received the unfortunate news of Donna’s passing. As hard as it is for me to sit down and write these words, I wanted to update and clean up this website, as it has become a reference for many people wanting to know more about Donna’s work, and particularly about her unreleased material. 


Donna Summer Vault - Rare and Unreleased Recordings

I created this website to gather information on Donna's unreleased work. I hope this will generate interest and that these songs are eventually released commercially for all of us to enjoy. This website will serve as a reference so that these songs can be included on future box sets or compilations.

It is my hope and that of many fans that this material will eventually be released. The information here has been compiled from different sources and we believe it to be accurate, although probably incomplete; there is probably much more material we do not know about. Please check the links section for additional sources of information. If you wish to can contact me, you can find me at the Endless Summer forum on Delphi forums, my screen name is a dime a dance.

Her fans know about many of these tracks and want this material to be available commercially!!! Donna's estate holds the rights and even the masters to many of these great songs. Others belong to the record company or the producer. For example, Giorgio Moroder owns the rights to Donna's first album, "Lady of the Night". This album was previously not available on CD format but was finally released a few years ago in Europe. In the US it is only available as an import.


This website is updated with information that is sent to me by fans; please feel free to e mail me your comments and I will be glad to include them.

Thank you note: This list was compiled by me with information from various sources, most of them die hard fans like  Fidji, Javier, Dale and Raul Mondragón. Special thanks to William E M and Ricky; most of the material in this website was written and researched by them. I hope I'm not missing anyone!