There are many active Donna Summer sites in the Internet, so keeping an updated list is a major task. For the moment, I will list the sites that have additional information related to Donna's discography and her unreleased material.


Carl has done an amazing job at FRIENDS UNKNOWN. Here you will also find a number of pictures, articles and comments from his personal experience that are not available anywhere else in the Internet.

The Totally Unathourized Donna Summer Triubte SiteTM

Definitely the site to go to when you want to know what is going on with our Diva. Cathy is always on top of things and has the latest news as well as complete discography and links section.

Donna Summer Lyrics

This is one of my favorite sites!!! Hugo has compiled the lyrics of all of Donna's songs ... an excellent reference site for Donna Summer's discography and lyrics.

Donna Summer, Remixed Remodeled

Definitely one of my favorite Donna sites ... Reese frequently updates the site with new Donna Summer artwork done by himself, it's a lot of fun to see the new updates. His website also features a compilation of all Donna Summer songs that have been remixed and/or extended, it is an excellent reference for fans who want to know about Donna's discography.


Marcelo has worked very hard to put together all the information available about Donna Summer's discography including singles released, chart information and a list of Donna's awards.

Excellent reference if you want to know how Donna's hits scored in international charts!!! 

Forever Donna

Sandro has done it again!!! He rebuilt his website and has added tons of information about Donna including lyrics, discography, biography ... too much information to list here!!!

Delphi Forums

The place to "hang out" in cyberspace to chat and meet other people with similar interests. Look for the Donna Summer and Forever True forums!!!