Official Donna Summer Videos

Donna Summer's official videos include the following:

  • “Endless Summer: Donna Summer's Greatest Hits” - released by Polygram in 1995 both in VHS and Laser Disc formats. It is still in print and was recently issued in DVD in Brazil. This video should be re-released in DVD format.

  • “A Hot Summer Night” - released by Pioneer in 1983 in Beta, VHS and Laser Disc formats. It is no longer in print. This video should be re-released in VHS and DVD formats.

  • “Live and More: Encore!” - a VH1 special was released by Sony on VHS and DVD in 1999. The video includes footage and songs not included in the VH1 broadcast or the CD of the same name. The DVD was released with two versions of the IWGWY video not included in the VHS format.


Unreleased Donna Summer Videos

The following videos should be included as part of a definitive Donna Summer video collection:

  • "Work that Magic" - from the album “Mistaken Identity”

  • "Woman in Me" and “Love is in control (Finger on the trigger)” – both from the album “Donna Summer”

  • "Wherever there is love" from the movie "Daylight"

  • "I feel love" - from the single "I feel love '95"

  • "All Systems Go" from the album of the same name.

There is also additional video material that has appeared on different TV shows and specials that should be included in a definitive Donna Summer video collection:

Footage from VH1 Behind the Music:

  • Live version of "I feel love"
  • Studio version of “My Life”
  • Live version of “MacArthur Park”

The original “Live and More” concerts (Los Angeles, 1977). This material can be included in a special Deluxe Edition of the album. S

The "Donna Summer ABC Special” (ABC, 1979):

  • “On the Radio”
  • “Hot Stuff (live)
  • “Mimi’s Song”
  • “Starting Over Again”
  • “Bad Girls” with Twiggy, Pat Ash and Debralee Scott

Other video footage:

  • "Voices Crying Out" from The Planet Is Alive
  • The Planet Is Alive Television Special, 1987 Magic Video MV0500 13:46 Recorded for The Planet Is Alive television special, commemorating Pope John Paul II's visit to the United States. This video was released recently as part of a special John Paul II video set.