Rarities and Unreleased material: An Unofficial Inventory of "The Vault"

This is a partial list of tracks that have not been released. If you have any related information please let me know so I can add it to the list. I have included additional information about these tracks, including the "evidence" that we have that does tracks exist and were recorded by Donna.

  • Sally Go 'Round The Roses (1971)
Released by MCA/Decca in 1971 b/w So Said The Man (Malouney/Parkinson) 12" single released in Europe Vincent Malouney, producer Credits Donna Gaines.
  • Denver Dream (1974)
Written by P.Bellotte. Released by Lark in 1974 b/w Something's In The Wind (G.Moroder/P.Bellotte). Giorgio Moroder and Pete Bellotte, producers. 7" single released in Holland.

Originally released in Holland by Groovy in 1974. In 1995 it was reissued in CD by BUD Music in Germany and is available in the USA as an import.

  • Virgin Mary (1975)
Written by G.Moroder andP.Bellotte. Released by Groovy in 1975 Giorgio Moroder and Pete Bellotte, producers 7" single released in Holland. Also included in a Greatest Hits album released in Holland.
  • Heaven Knows - alternative versions

The album "Live and More" was originally released as a double album in September 1978 by Casablanca. "Heaven Knows" was released as a single of this album.

There are alternate versions of this song that have not been released on any Donna Summer album or compilation:

  • An alternate single version of this song appeared on the Brooklyn Dreams album "Sleepless Nights" (1979 Casablanca NBLP 7135) and later in "Music, Harmony an Rhythm: the Casablanca Years" (shown above). This alternate version featured Joe Esposito's lead vocals paired with Donna's backing vocals.
  • There are two other mixes of the original song with Donna as leading vocalist that have not been included on any of her albums: an extended mix that appeared on the "Divas of Dance" compilation CD and an extended version that was released as a 12" single in Mexico.

Rarities from "I'm a Rainbow" (1981)

  • People Talk - Unreleased versions with rap interlude

Giorgio was asked to remix part or all of the album to try to resell it to David Geffen. In the originals there are actually two versions of some songs.

Giorgio made several test remixes to see if they wanted a remixes album or the album issued "as is". The actual released album contains an edit of the remix of one song from those tests, and not the original.

  • Silver Girl

David Foster did one song with Donna, and that appears to be Silver Girl. For more information on this song, please refer to Ken Allan's section "Ken's Korner" at The Totally Unauthorized Donna Summer Tribute Site under the articles archive.

  • Rarities from the "Donna Summer" album (more information below)

After he rejected "I'm a Rainbow", David Geffen wanted Donna to move into a soul direction. He sent Donna back into the studio with Quincy Jones to record the Donna Summer album, released in August, 1982.

Rarities from the "Donna Summer" album:

  • Protection - duet with Bruce Springsteen
  • Protection - Extended Version
  • Love Is In Control (Finger On The Trigger) - Extended 12" version
  • Sometimes like Butterflies - b-side to the single Love Is In Control (Finger On The Trigger)
  • State of Independence mixes
Protection - Rumor has it that this song was originally recorded as a duet with Bruce Springsteen but later edited to include only Donna's vocals. If so, what happened to the original version? Also, a rare version with Bruce Springsteen's vocals has appeared on a rare album/box set. 
Another rumor states that a remix or extended version of this song was done but never released. The picture to the right shows what might be this extended version but I don't know if this is an "official" one. What we know about this record is:
  • It's from a DJ service from Japan

  • The cover reads "Protection - Extended Version"

  • It is listed as over 6 minutes long, original (album) version is under 4 minutes long.

State of Independence

This song was a hit in Europe and was released both in CD and vinyl as a single/maxi-single with different edits and mixes. State of Independence is a song that has been included in Donna Summer Greatest Hits/compilations but only the album version. The remixes are relatively rare.

Extended dance mix of "Love is in Control"

An extended dance version of "Love is in Control" was released as a 12" single picture disc on blue vinyl. This item is a rarity, although it comes up regularly on e-bay and GEMM.

The extended version has never been released on CD or in any form on any Donna Summer collection.

  • I Feel Love - Patrick Cowley remix
The Patrick Cowley remix of "I Feel Love" was a hit on its own right. It was included in the UK release of "The Journey".
  • 12" versions from the album "The Wanderer"

Supposedly these extended versions were done but never released.

  • The Wanderer (Remix) Unreleased 12" DAT Version - Unreleased extended remix of Donna's first single with Geffen Records
  • Grand Illusion (Remix) Unreleased 12" Version - Unreleased extended remix
  • Cold Love (Remix) Unreleased 12" Version - Unreleased extended remix
  • Who Do You Think You're Foolin' (Remix) Unreleased 7" Version - Unreleased single remix.
  • Jesus, Name Above All Names
  • Another unreleased track from either the Wanderer or Rainbow sessions
Collaborations with Paul Jabara (70's and 80's)

The multitalented Paul Jabara chose Donna for his Academy Award winning song "Last Dance". This song has become a classic and probably Donna's best known hit. However, Donna collaborated with Paul Jabara in many other projects, so I decided to devote a section for these songs.

  • Shut Out (1977) - Written by  P. Jabara and B. Esty. Paul Jabara and Donna Summer sing. Originally released on the Paul Jabara album, Shut Out.
  • Never Lose Your Sense Of Humor (1979) - Written by P. Jabara, D. Summer, G. Mathieson. Paul Jabara and Donna Summer sing. Originally released on the Paul Jabara album, The Third Album.
  • We're Gonna Win - Words & Music by Paul Jabara and Jay Asher. The story of this song is well known among fans although it is not 100% confirmed. Supposedly it was written for Paul Jabara's De La Noche album but being a concept album it was not included. Other stories mention that it was meant for one of Donna's mid-80s albums, but not included or rejected by Donna's label together with many other tracks. Patti Austin sang We're Gonna Win as a tribute to Paul when he passed away, and since then the song has been officially locked in the vault. People I know are dying/ People I care about are no longer here/ My heart is breaking, it scares me so/ We've got to do something/ chorus: So let's begin to do what we can/ Today is the day, come take my hand/ We'll make a chain that's too strong to break/ We won't give up, we won't give in/ We're gonna fight, we're gonna win.
  • This Girl's Back In Town (1986) - Witten by  P. Jabara and B. Esty. Artists: Paul Jabara and others. From the Paul Jabara album, De La Noche.
  • Something's Missing (1989) - Written by P. Jabara and J. Asher. Artists: Paul Jabara and Donna Summer. From the Paul Jabara album, Greatest Hits and Misses. This song was originally recorded as a duet with Donna and Paul for one of Paul's Casablanca albums. The song, however, was re-recorded by Paul per request of Neil Bogart and was released on his album "Keeping Time". The duet with Donna was kept in the vault until 1989 when it was included in Paul's "Greatest Hits and Misses".
  • Where Would I Be Without You

  • You'll Never Walk Alone“

Both songs are mentioned by Donna in an interview for Contemporary Christian Music (June 1981). Apparently, they were recorded either for the album "The Wanderer" or "I'm a Rainbow". The interview can be read at The Totally Unauthorized Donna Summer Tribute Site under the articles archive.
  • Tearin' Down the Walls” (S.Garrett/T.Maiden)
B-side to the 12" single of “Dinner With Gershwin”. Written by Siedah Garrett, produced by Michael O'Martian.
  • I'm Free 12" Extended Mix
The very rare extended 12" version of "I'm Free" was included only as the b side of the U.K. 12" single of Eyes (1984 WEA U9103T 6:18).
  • Incommunicado (duet with Musical Youth) 
Released in the Musical Youth album "Different Style", 1983 MCA MCA-545 43:22
  • Starting Over Again Unreleased, recorded 1982
A wonderful ballad written by Donna and Bruce which became a hit for Dolly Parton


Ordinary Miracle

  • Worth the Wait
Donna and Bruce co-wrote this song and have performed it live. It's a very beautiful song with a country feel. It is unknown if this song has been recorded and sits in the vault, but it is likely that at least a demo of the song exists.
  • My Life - Studio version

In early 1996, Donna recorded three songs at PWL studios. "My Life" was one of the three songs. She later re-recorded it with Welcome or Jr. Vasquez and there definitely is a Vasquez mix somewhere. This song was released in 1999 on the album "Live and More Encore", recorded live. Donna announced as one of the songs for the Broadway project "Ordinary Girl". However, an unreleased studio version exists. On the VH1 "Behind the Music" special, Donna can be seen in the studio recording this song.
2000 and beyond
  • Adonai

Graham Stack, Producer

Around the time "Live and More Encore" was released, Donna mentioned in an interview a collaboration with Metro for her next album. This has not been officially confirmed although information on this collaboration and on a song called ADONAI has appeared on several websites.

Note: Donna has added an audio clip of this song in her official website, although no additional information about the song is provided.

  • Valley of the Moon
  • Words
These two songs are also included as audio clips at Donna's website. We had heard about Valley of the Moon before from Tony Moran's website.
  • I got your love
Fans got to hear about this song since it was included in one of the episodes from "Sex in the City". It was recently released as an iTunes exclusive and some mixes have been released to DJs. It's also included in the audio clip on Donna's website.