George Carrette, Resume Related Materials

All of these materials are dated.

I joined Wayfair's Engineering department in July 2011, and have been so busy working on things such as recommendations with simple correlation metrics on implied preference data and in rehersing and performing with the Three Rivers Chorus that I have not had the time to update any of this since June of 2011.
The Advertisement you see underneath the text you are reading now was created by the Career Ad Network product that I engineered for If you are an employer/employment-agency and click on the want your jobs advertised? portion and actually buy an expensive package of postings/advertising then I'll actually get a significant commission, assuming all the web analytics is working correctly. If you are a job seeker and click on one of the jobs advertised, and then create an account or upload a resume then I might get a buck or two. This works through an integration between and Commision Junction that I engineered and along with an api into the delivery system.

To the right of the live ad is a thumbnail of what this looks like on a high-traffic commercial web site, such as Huffington Post, through the kind of ad network required to obtain the billions of ad insertions per month that the system delivers. Click on it to see more detail.