My Past

The early years...

   I was the second oldest of 4 children. My sister's 4 years older than I, and my brothers are 1 year and 11 years younger (the youngest died unexpectedly in 1994). I was always small, and didn't weigh much. My earliest recollections of interest in females (or their clothes, I guess) was when I was about 10. That Halloween my sister and Mom dressed me as a girl in my sister's clothes, consisting of a blouse, skirt, stuffed bra and tights. I was given a pair of my Mom's shoes (flats), toes stuffed with tissue, to wear. They put a little makeup, including lipstick, on me before I left the house. I trick-or-treated with my brother for about an hour, and then went to other neighborhoods on my own, so I could get into my female role. A few people even asked me why I wasn't wearing a costume! I stayed out later than I ever had before, savoring the feeling of the clothes. After that night, I raided a couple of clotheslines (at night) for panties and bras, so my family wouldn't notice things missing.

   When I was 12, I began to dress in those stolen undies, and my Mom's old clothes, in our attic, nearly getting caught more than once by my Mom. One particular time, I was dressed in a red pair of tights, a roller skating (mini) skirt, sweater, bra, panties and black knee-high riding boots (nearly thigh-high on me). I was in the attic and she heard me clomping around in those large boots. She shouldn't have seen me behind the boxes I was hiding, but she told me to get out of the attic and take off those clothes, too! As soon as she left, I took off the boots, sweater and skirt, and put my shirt and pants back on, and sneaked back across the hall to the room I shared with my younger brother. The lights were out, and my brother sounded asleep, so I slid into my bed, took the shirt and pants back off, and pulled the covers up around my neck. When all was quiet, I began to feel myself up, rubbing my tights-covered legs together. My penis began to swell, giving me a wonderful sensation. I put my hands between my legs and squeezed my legs together, rubbing my legs together faster and faster, resulting in the first orgasm I could remember!

   As years went on, the attic was not secure, so I began to get up in the middle of the night, and dress in the basement when everybody else was asleep. This happened about once or twice a week, whenever it was safe. My sister's clothes continued to fit me until about my senior year, but sis kept telling my Mom that some of her clothes disappeared. Many of the nights I dressed in the basement, I would venture out into the dark neighborhood dressed. I had a couple of close calls with the local police, probably wondering why a girl as young as I was out and about at 3 am! Once in high school, I had an opportunity to steal clothes from the drama department, including one haul of 4 leotards and 5 pair of tights, and 2 tutu's. I also found some castoff shoes in the trash behind a near-by clothing store, modified to fit a mannequin, which fit my growing feet also. I stashed my goodies in bags in the rafters of the garage, where I sometimes dressed and "rubbed off" during the day. On one occasion in the rafters during the day (summer), I was fully dressed (sans makeup), starting to excite myself. Suddenly I heard voices outside the garage door. I froze, and felt my heart pound in my throat - it was my brother and a neighbor boy, looking for me. When the door opened, my brother looked around, then noticed the light on, and I think he then either saw me or heard me. He quickly turned off the light, and told the other boy they would have to look elsewhere for me, and pulled the door closed. Once they were gone, I changed and got out of there. He never mentioned the incident to me (except recently), bless him!

   My sister moved out of the house during my senior year, and I, by virtue of my age, got her room. She left some of her outdated and too - small clothes behind. As I grew, most of her clothes wouldn't fit anymore, so I wore some of my Mom's, but they weren't very stylish. I dressed in 'my' room, and only dressed in the basement if I wanted to go out for a walk. During this time, while I was rummaging through my Mom's dresser drawers for more clothing, like padded bras and panty girdles, I discovered a show program from the Club Diplomat in Detroit (now closed), complete with pictures of Female Impersonators, even autographed by some of the performers! So! One (or both) of my parents had been to a Female Impersonator show....

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