Notes on the WIN32 port of Henry Spencer REGEX

See winregex.html an description of regular expressions and why this port was done.

Download hs_regex.exe (187k a self-extracting info-zip archive) to obtain sources, project makefile, documentation, precompiled binaries and test program with data. At runtime of your programs the only required file is hs_regex.dll.

  1. The sources were obtained from the C runtime library section of the FreeBSD.
  2. nroff -man | col -bx was run under unix to convert the manual pages to doc files.
  3. A regex_test.c main program was written.
  4. The microsoft developer studio project was created with test_hs_regex console mode application as the main project, and hs_regex dynamic link library as subproject. Build settings adjusted so that both main and subproject outputs go to the same directory. The test_hs_regex.exe project source is regex_test.c. The hs_regex.dll project sources are regexec.c, regcomp.c, regfree.c, regerror.c and hs_regex.def.
  5. Slight modification to source files, limited to changing <regex.h> to "regex.h" and adding a definition to utils.h, and inserting the __stdcall declaration so that other windows programs have a chance of invoking the dll.
  6. About a dozen compiler warning are ingored.

This file is © Copyright 1997 by George J. Carrette.