Observers on Record Golden Eagle Day

Allegheny Front Hawk Watch

23 November 2003

The lucky observers who stayed to the end were -- Left to right: Jim Rocco (kneeling), Joe Sabo (kneeling), Tom Kuehl (standing), Karen Jackson (red coat), Janet Kuehl (in back), Mary Rose (in front, yellow and blue coat, granddaughter of the Mincone's), Sarah (in front, dark coat, granddaughter of the Mincone's), Marian Mincone (light blue coat), Che Mincone (green coat), Evelyn Merriman (peaking out behind Che Mincone), Merle Jackson (tall man in rear of photo), Debbie Bodenschatz (purple coat), Mark McConaughy (rear in red hat) and Tom Bodenschatz (far right).

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