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I occasionally find surface materials indicative of prehistoric occupations when checking proposed strip mine locales and land for other types of projects. The following picture shows a point I found this summer at a site near the Keystone Power Plant, Armstrong County, Pennsylvania, in an area that might be developed for a deep mine. The mining company will avoid any impact to the location where this point and numerous chert flakes were recovered.


This is a LeCroy Bifurcated-based Point. It is an Early Archaic style that dates to approximately 6000 BC (8000 BP) based on radiocarbon dates obtained at other sites. It is a fairly typical example of the type. LeCroy points have been found at sites located throughout much of the Middle Atlantic States.

I also worked at Meadowcroft Rockshelter when I was in graduate school at the University of Pittsburgh. This controversial Pre-Clovis site is one of the earliest dated sites in the Eastern United States. A short report with links to pictures of the site and artifacts from the Paleoindian levels can be accessed at:

Meadowcroft Report and Pictures

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