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These rules are for the safety and sanity of our members. Participants violating these rules will be restricted from future activity within Leader/Guider Cyber Council.

1. Use the Scout or Guide Law adopted by your national organization to help guide posting and chatting.

2. Lewd or otherwise inappropriate behavior on the message board or in the chat room will not be tolerated.

3. SPAM, unsolicited messages advertising a product, service or website, will not be tolerated. SPAM will be promptly removed from view by the forum staff. Offenders will be locked out of the forum.

4. Forum staff reserves the right to edit posts. Material that may be removed includes, but is not limited to, expletives and explicit language, surnames, embedded music files, malfunctioning or malicious JavaScript, and sexually provocative graphics.

5. Please adhere to the "dollar bill" rule when designing signatures containing graphics. Hold a dollar bill up to your screen. It should completely cover your signature.

6. There will be no flaming of members on the message board, in the chat room, or in private messages to other forum members. A flame is a message belittling the recipient. If you receive a flame via private e-mail that originated on Delphi, please forward the entire message to the forum staff at ARCURRY@delphiforums.com. Offenders will be gagged and/or locked out of the forum.

7. Leaders and parents are advised to supervise girls participating in this community. Girls should not participate in the chat room without an adult moderator present. Adults wishing to learn more about becoming a moderator or editor may contact the forum staff at ARCURRY@delphiforums.com.

Host: Wiz (arcurry)
Assistant Manager: Nitefalcon

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