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Abigail (Othelia's great-aunt or great great-aunt) Introduced
Ada Laurence (had cancer) Introduced
Adelle Martin (married (then divorced) Hubie Hinkle) Walt Introduced
Angela (Samantha's daughter) Belinda Introduced
Anna (Othelia's sister) Introduced
Arden Dahl (daughter of Ronald & Marion) Introduced
Aunt Sukie (Othelia's Aunt) Introduced 51.1
Big Thomas Introduced
black livery Introduced
Buddy James (Sheriff before Hubert Hinkle) Walt Introduced
Carl Janssen Introduced
Catholics Introduced
Charlie Hinkle (Sheriff Hubie's daddy) Walt Introduced
Chez Dumas (Diner owned by Minnie Dumas) Introduced
Chief (of police) Walt Introduced
Christmas Introduced
Christmas clowning (Norweigan holiday tradition) Introduced
Cora Meghuns (The Sex Addict) Introduced
creamery Introduced
Daddy Introduced 2.1 51.1
Darcy (Terry's wife) Introduced
DEA (With Town Police and the FBI, broke meth ring) Walt Introduced
Dean Powers (former State Police Investigator, became Sheriff) Walt Introduced
Doc Introduced 6.2
Dr. Adams (County Medical Examiner) Walt Introduced
Durwood County (Community College) Walt Introduced 44.3
Eddie Meghuns Introduced
Edmond Riley Introduced
Edward Introduced
Elizabeth (Othelia's aunt) Introduced
Emmaline Johnson Introduced
Estie Martin (music teacher - aka Estelle) Introduced
Evelyn Farmer (Stacielynn's sister) Walt Introduced
Farmers (Bookmobile Ladies Day) Introduced
Gemma Introduced
George Bredan (built Bredan Creamery) Introduced
George Parsons (Maud's husband) Introduced
Georges Bredan (son of George and Marie Bredan) Introduced
Grandmother Elisa (Othelia's paternal grandmother) Introduced
Grandpa Joseph (Othelia's paternal grandfather) Introduced 2.2
Granny (Othelia's paternal great-grandmother) Introduced
Harley Introduced
Harry Blazek (Farmer) Wei_Chi Introduced
Highway Patrol Walt Introduced
Holy Rollers Introduced
Hubert Hinkley ("Hubie" - sheriff of county for 7-1/2 years) Introduced 50.1
Irish Introduced
Iverson (old man Iverson's store) Introduced 45.3
Jakob (Ada Laurence's fiance) Introduced
Joanne (police dispatcher) Walt Introduced
Joseph (father of Samantha's child, Angela) Belinda Introduced
Judge Margaret Gunn (presided over Hubie Hinkle's arraignment) Walt Introduced
Karl Anderson (m. Stacilynn Farmer) Walt Introduced
Kent Clark (town cop) Walt Introduced
Lacey (see also Miss Lacey) Introduced
Larry (the grocer) Introduced
Laundromat (ostensibly owned by Red) Wei_Chi Introduced
Lem Martin (Estie's husband) Introduced
Lily Blevins Hobbs (owned Mr. Red's Laundromat) Wei_Chi Introduced
Lorraine (police dispatcher) Walt Introduced
Louis Bredan (second son of George & Marie Bredan) Introduced
Loyle Hobbs (oldest son of Grandmother Lily) Wei_Chi Introduced
Lucius Parmenter (Mona Halvert's daddy) Introduced
Lutherans Introduced
Ma, Mama Introduced 20.8 2.1 27.1 51.1
Mama Cooper (Tansey Riley's mother) Introduced
Maple (neighboring town) Belinda Introduced
Marie Villon Bredan (married to George Bredan, ran Bredan Creamery) Introduced
Marion Laurence Dahl (lost her entire family in a flash flood) Introduced
Marlee Introduced
Mary Beth Passley (Janssen) Introduced 31.1
Mason Bredan (George Bredan's father - retired) Introduced
Maud Parsons (Othelia's cousin, aka Maudie) Introduced
Maywood (neighboring town) Walt Introduced
Minnie Dumas (proprietor of "Minnie's Diner", aka "Chez Dumas") Introduced
Minnie's Diner (previous name for Chez Dumas) Introduced
Miss Betsy (flower shop owner) Introduced
Miss Lacey (bookmobile, librarian) Introduced 30.2 20.2 5.3
Mona Halvert (married to Tom) Introduced
Mr. Rawlins (banker) Introduced
Mr. Red (caused accident that crippled Tommy Hobbs) Wei_Chi Introduced
Mr. Riley (Edmond Riley) Introduced
Mrs. Laurence (had cancer) Introduced
Mrs. Martin (Miss Lacey's grandmother - music teacher) Introduced 44.1
Mrs. Riley (Tansey Cooper Riley) Introduced 20.1
Mrs. Thomas (Grandmother Elisa's neighbor) Introduced
Ms. Alison Farmer ((sic) Allison - Stacielynn's mother) Walt Introduced
mulemaster (Harley's daddy's job with the army) Introduced
My husband (Othelia's husband) Introduced
Newspaper folks Introduced
Otis Parnell (Ada Laurence's ex-husband) Introduced
Patterson ("that Patterson man" (dog handler)) Introduced
Peter ("slow-footed boy down the road") Belinda Introduced
Police force Walt Introduced
Preacher ("the Preacher man") Introduced 4.3
Presbyterians Introduced
psychologist Walt Introduced
Publisher Introduced
Raleigh Windom (opal miner) Introduced
Ronald Dahl (m. Marion. Raised Alpacas) Introduced
Rusty O'Hara (retired truant officer) Walt Introduced
Samantha (Sammy - Belinda's cousin) Belinda Introduced
Sarie (Harley's mule) Introduced
Sheriff Introduced 20.8
Stacielynn Farmer Walt Introduced
Talbert ("old man Talbert" - garage owner) Introduced
Tansey Cooper Riley Introduced
Terry (Othelia's brother) Introduced
Thanksgiving Wei_Chi Introduced
The Corners (Corners boys) Introduced 17.2
Thomas (Big Thomas) Introduced
Tom Farmer (Stacielynn's step-daddy) Walt Introduced
Tom Halvert (married to Mona) Introduced
Tommy Hobbs (youngest child of Grandmother Lily) Wei_Chi Introduced
Tommy Rathburn (unknown secret) Introduced
Warner Allen Cooper (Tansey's grandfather) Introduced
Warner Allen Cooper II (Tansey's father) Introduced
Wayne Bruce (town cop) Walt Introduced
Wilhemina (Belinda's sister-in-law) Belinda Introduced
Zook (Mr.) Introduced 50.4
Zook (Mrs.) Introduced


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