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The Radial Arm Saw Discussion Forum welcomes you to our Home Page.

The purpose of our Radial Saw Forum is to discuss the professional aspects of the RAS.

Our primary discussion includes the early "DeWalt, Black and Decker, and AMF" model radial arm saws.

Unknown to many of us, some Delta RAS folks have taken up space in the forum and they do have lively discussion, check out what the "other folks" have to say!

We discuss set up, restoration, production, moulding, safety, technical issues, the Mr. Sawdust "How To Master the Radial Saw" Book and more.

Current Discussions:
For great reading, you should check out the "How To Master the Radial Saw" by Wally Kunkel at

Watch a forum member's rebuiling blog of a 925 DeWalt:

We invite you to look around and join our discussion group.

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The "DeWalt" Radial Arm Saw Discussion Forum has no affiliation to Mr. Sawdust other than a desire to promote and further safe use of the RAS! Also, this forum has no affiliation with nor is representing DeWalt or any of it's member corporations. We do not discuss any of the current "DeWalt" products, etc.

Disclaimer: All RAS/work procedures suggested in this forum are just that, suggestions. You are responsible for determining safe work procedures etc. No one in this forum is responsible for YOUR safety and any claims made against any member/moderator/manager of this forum are a waste of time. In other words, you lop off a finger and all you'll get is a letter of condolence from your attorney!