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Everything you need to know about Child Acting: Auditions, Agents, Casting, Auditions, Acting Classes and Coaching for all media including Television, Movies / Film, Stage / Theater. PARF is an online acting community known as the Professional Actors Resource Forum. Our members are parents of actors, and teen or young adult actors. Agents, managers, producers, directors, casting directors, and other industry professionals are welcome

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PARF is a support forum, where we can share the joys, disappointments and frustrations of this roller-coaster business of acting.  For many parents of actors, this is the one place where other people understand the choices we make with and for our children.  We also provide "Mom" and "Dad" support for teens and young adult actors looking for information. New actors and their parents are always welcome to join in, ask questions and read our archives compiled from our members' experiences.

Some of our board features:

  • Commercial Tracking
  • Photographer Recommendations
  • Coaching Recommendations
  • Pilot Casting Information
  • Film and Feature Casting Discussions
  • SAG, AFTRA updated information
  • Changes to California laws regarding minors working in entertainment
  • Changes to the Coogan laws affecting minors
  • Changes in obtaining work permits
  • Theatre and Musical theatre, voice training, and live performances
  • Information on markets outside of Los Angeles and much more!


    Looking for an Agent?

    Not all agencies are the same. Find the right agent for your needs. Listed by commercial, theatrical, boutique, voiceover, print, dance, and theater.

    Agent List

    Commercial Tracking
    Ask us where in the U.S. or Canada your commercial is running. Is it National? A Wildspot? Cable only? We'll keep track of it for you so you can get paid properly

    Find out here

    Modeling Start
    What are the differences between modeling and printwork? What do you look for and what should you avoid? 

    Where to Begin?

    Why You Need a Manager

    Do you need one? The answer is: Yes, but it depends on where you live, the age of your child and other important factors.

    Stay Informed

    Protect Yourself
    Don't give out personal information at auditions, even if asked on size cards or sign-in sheets. No home phone numbers, addresses or Social Security numbers, even if they ask.

    Don't put your child at risk.

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