Village Collector's Survey

Tell us about your villages!!!

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Which villages do you collect?
Snow Village
Christmas in the City
North Pole
New England
Season's Bay
Little Town Of Bethlehem
Disney Parks

Do you collect any other villages (such as Coca-Cola, Lefton, Cat's Meow, etc.)?
If yes, list those you collect:

Do you collect other Dept 56 collectible lines (Snowbabies, Snowbunnies, etc)?
If yes, list those you collect:

Do you collect any other collectibles (Precious Moments, Ornaments, Disney, Charming Tails, etc)?
If yes, list those you collect:

How long have you been collecting villages?

Approximately, how many Dept 56 houses do you own?

What is your favorite house or accessory?

What piece do you most wish you had?

What would you like to see Dept 56 make for your village (house, accessory, etc)?

What would you like to see Dept 56 retire?

Do you keep your display up all year?

How do you display your village?
Complete village display setup
Vignette or mini-displays on tables, in baskets, etc.
Shelf or mantle display
Curio cabinet
If other, please explain:

Do you use any non-Dept 56 houses or accessories in your display?
If yes, please explain:

Have you purchased any of your pieces from the secondary market, either thru mail order, shows, swap and sell meets, or other collectors?

Do you read any of the following publications?
Department 56 Quarterly
The Village Chronicle
Village Pride! (online newsletter)
If other, please list:

Do you belong to a Dept 56 Collectors Club?

If you belong to a club, and would like to list it in our web site, please visit the Club page after completing this survey.

How did you locate our Delightful Villagers web page?

Any suggestions on how to improve the page or new features you would like to see here?

Please note: A pop-up window will appear when you press the submit button, warning you that your e-mail address will be sent along with the form. Please be advised that this is no different from any e-mail you send to anyone else, and that it will not be used (unless you had a question that would require us to answer you) or shared with anyone for any reason. Thank you.

Thank you for taking the time to fill out our survey.

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