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"Garter Stitch" Baby Booties


Baby BootiePhoto Courtesy of Mary [Cinders47]

Knittin' Kiti gave Knit & Chat members this lovely pattern that goes with the Baby Bonnet. I know you will enjoy knitting this little bootie as much as Mary and I did.

Happy Knitting...Enjoy

Materials: Less than 2 ozs. sport or DK weight yarn

US   #3 straight needles

Cast on 34 stitches.

Work a K1,P1 rib for 10 rows.

Make eyelets as follows, K2tog, *Yo, K2tog* across row. 33sts.

Knit next 5 rows even [garter stitch]

Knit 22 sts, turn and knit back 11 sts. Knit 18 more rows on center 11 sts (10 ridges). Cut yarn.

Foot: With right side facing, join yarn and knit up 10sts on right side of instep, knit across the 11 sts of instep, pick up and k 10 sts on left side of instep and k across 11 sts on other needle. This will be a bit tight for the first 3 to 4 rows, until you get up a ways on the foot. Knit 9 rows even (5 ridges) 53 sts.

Next row: K3, K2tog, K to end. Repeat for another 2 rows.
Row 4: Knit 3, K2tog, knit 18 more sts(22sts total).
Cut yarn and leave a 12" tail. Using a needle, run the tail through the next 5 sts, then Kitchener st the remaining 44sts together in garter st.

P.S. [A 3 needle cast off, leaves a ridge but since a baby wouldn't be standing on it - it shouldn't make a difference.]

Sew up back seam.

Crochet, braid a chain, or use ribbon, long enough to weave through eyelets and tie in a bow.