Grannie Square Christmas Stocking

US "G" crochet hook

US Knitting worsted weight yarn

Each square is  3-1/2"

and each stocking is 17" long from top of stocking to tip of toe.

Make 15 Granny Squares, sew together as shown in photo. Offset each row of squares so they don't line up.

Crochet a loopy stitch around the top of the stocking and chain 20 for a hanging loop.

If you don't want to crochet a loopy stitch at the top of the stocking, you can crochet a cuff and fold it over OR better yet knit a stockinette cuff around the top and either duplicate stitch the person's name on it or intarsia names.

I change the color combinations for each stocking...this one is red background with a green center and a white middle.

The next one will be a green background with a red center and a white middle.

The third one will be a white background with a red center and a green middle.

Change the colors whichever way you wish...I made all the females in our family with red backgrounds and all the males with green and varied the middles and centers to create a stocking for each individual...

Have fun playing with your stockings... :)