Dust Mop Slippers - Baby











Sized for 6 mos - 1 year

Use Baby Sport yarn throughout 1-1/2 oz. for loopy top and a few yards of a contrasting or darker color for the soles.

Crochet hook size "C"

SOLE - starting at the heel for baby size for a larger child and adult size this will be the toe

ch 4 or more depending on the size you want to make

Row 1 - sc in 2nd ch from hook & in each chain across [3sc], ch 1 turn [at the end of this row and every row hereafter]

Row 2 - work 2 sc in first sc, sc in ea sc up to last stitch, 2 sc in last stitch [two increases made] [5sc]

Row 3 - sc in each sc across

Row 4 - repeat 2nd row [7 sc]

Row 5 - repeat 3rd row 4 times

Row 9 - dec 1 st at each end of row [5 sc]

Row 10 - repeat 3rd row 2 times

Row 12 - repeat 2nd row [7 sc]

Row 13 - repeat 3rd row 2 times

Row 15 - repeat 2nd row [9 sc]

Row 16 - repeat 3rd row 2 times

Row 18 - repeat 9th row [7 sc]

Row 19 - repeat 3rd row

Row 20 - repeat 9th row [5 sc]

Row 21 - repeat 3rd row. Break off...


With "C" hook ch 11

Row 1 - sc in 2nd ch from hook, sc in each ch across, ch 1 turn [and ch 1 turn at the end of every row] [10 sc]

Row 2 - make a loop row [insert hook into the first sc, wrap yarn around your index and middle finger three times and then pull all three stitches slightly through the sc loop and yarn over and finish off the sc stitch]. Do this across the row to have one row of loop stitches.

Row 3 - sc across row [10sc]

Row 4 - make a loop row

Row 5 - repeat rows 3 and 2 increasing 2 stitches each sc row on each side until you have 18 stitches increased. This means that you will increase 4 stitches each sc row.

Continue on the 18 stitches until you have 6 loop rows.

SIDES: next sc row, sc across first five [5] stitches and increase 1 st [6 sc] [this is at the instep][do not work rest of row] ch 1, turn.

Next row: work a loop row

Next row: sc across [6 sc]

Work until you have 5 loop rows. Break off...

On opposite side: start in 5th sc in from the edge and increase 1 stitch and work the rest of the 5 stitches in sc. Work loop row and finish to correspond to opposite side.

Crochet sides together at back with a loop stitch. With matching yarn sc around bottom edge of slipper top. Slip stitch sole to top.

At the top edge of the slipper, pick up 32 stitches with a single crochet and work a sc around each stitch for 10 rounds. Make sure you mark the beginning of each round. Break off and weave in ends...

These can be made for any child size and adults too just by making the sole longer and wider and matching the top to the sole.

When making child and adult sizes I don't make 10 rounds of sc around the top edge, just about 2-6 pending on whether or not the child/adult wants a cuff or not...

I also make the larger sizes with knitting worsted and the soles with 2 strands of knitting worsted or rug yarn for durability. I've also sewed a rubber sole or a piece of heavy suede fabric to the bottom of the crochet sole to make them last longer.

I've made these slippers in numerous sizes from toddler to child and then adult. Measure the foot and then make the sole to correspond to the measurement, then make a loopy top to match the sole.

Don't forget that with all knit and crochet slippers these will "STRETCH" somewhat so don't make them too large to begin with. People like slippers like these to be somewhat snug.