Basic Pattern for Finger Puppet


US knitting worsted yarn - small amounts, any colors

US size #3 needles [can use 2 dpn's for such a small object]

US size F or G crochet hook

front - starting at lower edge of the puppet use your choice of color for body cast on 10 stitches

rows 1-16 - knit each row [garter stitch]

rows 17-18 - cast on 4 sts at beg of each row, knit across [these four sts are the arms]

rows 19-20 - bind off 4 sts at beg of each row, knit across [you will be back to 10 sts after binding off row 20]

row 21 - K2 tog, K6, K2 tog [8 sts]

row 22 - knit

row 23 - K2, K2 tog, K2 tog, K2 [6 sts]

row 24 - knit

rows 25-28 [this is the face/head area] change to stockinette stitch starting with a Knit row changing yarn to face color increase 1 stitch at the beginning of each row

rows 29-32 - work even in stockinette stitch [10 sts]

33-36 - dec 1 stitch at beg of each row continue working in stockinette stitch

bind off in knit or purl... [6 sts]

Back - make the same as the front with the exception of using the hair color for the
face/head area. Doing this makes it neater when adding the hair. You don't have to be so careful about adding hair and having the scalp showing through...

With right sides together sew together around head, turn right side out and sew the rest of the puppet together. The head [the stockinette stitch area] can be steamed lightly to make it easier to sew.

You should do the facial embroidery before you stitch up the head. It is easier....

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