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The Seven Church Ages
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Choices of Church Age Messengers
Church Age Angels: Prophets v. Reformers


Choices of Church Age Messengers

In the book of Revelation, chapters 2 and 3, we read of 7 churches and their 7 angels. William Branham (WMB) taught that each of the 7 churches represent a specific period in Church history (known as a Church Age) and each of the 7 angels was a Christian leader who had the most influence on the Church Age in which he lived. The following is a list of the 7 Church Ages and the Angel to each Age, according to WMB:

Ephesus (53-170 AD), The Apostle Paul
Smyrna (170-312 AD), Irenaeus
Pergamum (312-606 AD), Martin
Thyatira (606-1520 AD), Columba
Sardis (1520-1750 AD), Martin Luther
Philadelphia (1750-1906 AD), John Wesley
Laodicea (1906-Present), William Branham

Although WMB did not identify himself by name as the Angel to Laodicia, he strongly implied it and allowed his followers to believe it.

WMB said that he was enabled by the Holy Spirit to determine the dates of the Church Ages and decide who the Angels were for each Age. This is difficult to believe based on at least two of his choices for Angels.

In the book of Revelation, the Lord instructs John to write to each Angel. The first he was to write to was to the Angel of the Church of Ephesus. As indicated above, WMB chose the Apostle Paul as the Angel to this Age. The problem with this choice is that by the time John was instructed to write to the Angel at Ephesus, Paul had been dead almost 30 years.

A second poor choice of Angels was the one he chose for Thyatira. WMB chose Columba as the Angel to this age. Columba died in 596 AD. If you look at the dates for the Thyatira Church Age, you'll notice that Columba died about 10 years before his Age began.

And here's an interesting quote from John Wesley, WMB's choice for 6th Church Age angel:

"For the seven churches with their angels represent the whole Christian church, dispersed throughout the whole world, as it subsists, not, as some have imagined, in one age after another, but in every age."
(from Wesley's notes on the Revelation of Jesus Christ)

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