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The Holy Spirit
(aka, the Logos; aka, the Angel of God; aka, the Son of God)
According to William Branham

(A collection of quotes from the sermons of William Branham)

And I'll say this in the Name of our Lord, that the same Jesus that brought the children of Israel out of the wilderness, the same Christ that was a Angel of a covenant, to you ministers, the Logos that went out of God. You know what I'm talking about. All right. The same One that led them was the same One that walked here in human flesh on earth; returned back to God; came back in the form of the Holy Spirit, leading the church just the same tonight.
("God Commissioning Moses," sermon #53-0603)

And when He made everything that looked nice and good to Him, now He said, "Let us (plural) make man (plural) in our own image." What was He? There is a supernatural Being. There's the One that could not be seen. God the Father never was seen, never will be seen. He's all nature. And there He is. And now, here's the Son, which is the Logos that went out of Him, made in His image, a supernatural Being that went out in the beginning.
("Show Us The Father And It'll Satisfy Us," sermon #53-0611)

Now, if God created man in His Own image and in His Own likeness, what kind of a man did He create? A spirit man. Now, if you'll notice, after He had made all the creation and created a spirit man (the close reading of this now, to the one that asked the question will find this), that God give dominion of the cattle and the fishes and everything to the man. But in His making up there, He made man in His Own image to lead the cattle, lead the beasts of the field, just like the Holy Spirit leads the believer today. See? He was, in other words, Adam, the first man in the lower creations of God... The first creation was God Himself; then out of God came the Logos, which was the Son of God; then out of the Logos, which was the Word ("In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. And the Word was made flesh and dwelt among us."), out of the Logos came forth the—the man.
("Questions And Answers On Genesis," sermon #53-0729)

Grant it, Lord, that His Presence, the great Logos, the Angel of God that was in the wilderness with the children of Israel, as He red—led them naturally in that day and fed them manna from heaven, so is He leading the Church today, feeding us with Holy Spirit manna from heaven: power, signs and wonders. We thank Thee for Him.
("The Angel Of The Covenant," sermon #54-0301)

Look how God, in the beginning, way cover all space and time and out of God went the Logos that went out of God, which was a part of God. God seen what the end would be, from the beginning, and the Logos come to the earth, which was Christ the Word, spoken Word of God, part of God, and was made flesh and dwelled among us. And then, we come out of Christ, which makes the same life that was in God, in Christ, in you. And just as sure as God raised this up, we've got to come with the same thing, if the same Spirit's in us. Because it's the Spirit of God making us sons and daughters of God.
("The Curtain Of Time," sermon #55-0302)

There's the Spirit coming out of God, manifested as the Logos, come down and made flesh, dwelt among us, re—res—died, taken on penalty of sin, raised up again, setting at the majesty on high, at the right hand of God. And the Holy Spirit coming back, bringing in the same Spirit in the individuals now, to bring them back into relationship with their Creator. Isn't that marvelous?
("The Curtain Of Time," sermon #55-0302)

Now, I want you to notice. In the beginning when God our Father looked over this bleak earth, and it wasn't nothing but one great big ball of water, and God sent the Holy Spirit to the earth, the Logos that went out of God, and It began to brood over the earth.
("What Does It Take To Make A Christian Life?" sermon #57-0113)

And when the earth spun out from whatever orbit it come from, which the sun is claimed to be the mother of all... And these missiles that flew out. When it went from it there, it froze to one big solid thing. Then as it begin to move in, and God taking a notion... Listening close now, as He begin to move it in close to the sun, it begin to thaw out. Then God commissioned the Holy Spirit. The first Person introduced is God: God, in the beginning was God, in Genesis. And then the next is introduced, is the Holy Spirit or the Logos, which went out of God, yet it was all of God went out into a Person. And the Bible said, It begin to brood over the earth.
("The Impersonation Of Christianity," sermon #57-0120M)

Now, watch what taken place and keep this in your mind. The Logos went out of God, the great Holy Spirit. And let's visualize it. I can see Him with His two big wings as He looks over the earth, and He begins to brooding over the earth. You know what brood is? That's a hen with her chicken, her brood. As she... As the Holy Spirit begins to brood through the earth, I can see some petroleum and stuff coming together, and a little Easter lily stuck his head up for the first thing on earth then. "Oh," God said, "that's beautiful; just keep brooding." After while, grass and plants begin to come up on the earth. The Holy Spirit kept brooding.
("Why Is It That So Many Christians Find It So Hard To Live The Christian Life?" sermon #57-0303A)

But what do I do? Just yield myself to the Holy Spirit. And then whatever He... If this man, I don't know him, and the Holy Spirit, which is Christ in Spirit form... It's just the Lord Jesus come back in Spirit form. "I go to the Father, in a little while the world won't see Me, yet you'll see Me, for I'll be with you, all the way to the end of the world." The Holy Spirit is nothing in the world but the Spirit of Christ back working in the Church. If the Spirit of Christ worked in Jesus, the Logos worked in Jesus, and He gave His Blood that He might cleanse us... And God by foreknowledge set orders in the church of different things. That same Logos working in us, will do the same thing: got to. But now, if God will come and manifest Hisself through the Logos, through the Holy Spirit, and will do the same thing in the same manner that He—to this man that He did to Philip, or to Nathanael, will everyone in here believe on Him then?
("What Think Ye Of Christ?" sermon #57-0303E)

Many thousands of years ago when this old earth here was nothing but a big volcanic eruption, there wasn't a speck of life on it, never had been nothing but just volcanic eruption. God, the great Holy Spirit, the Logos went out of God. We call It the Holy Spirit. And when It went out from God, It came to the earth.
("Why Some People Can't Keep The Victory," sermon #57-0324)

After while little Adam said, "It's not time to turn a television on, but darling, the sun's going down. It's time for us to go worship." Oh, God. "It's time for us to go worship." Not, "We're going down to hear Dr. Jones, and we're going down to hear Bill Branham or anybody else." But, "We're going up to worship." And up, not in a great, big, spirally place, but they went under the trees. And there come a real soft Light down, the Logos, the Holy Spirit, the Christ, the Anointing came down.
("Why Some People Can't Keep The Victory," sermon #57-0324)

Now, if Christ has risen from the dead, and we are given the invitation and the Scripture that He promised, that He—we could see Him, and that we—He would be the same yesterday, today, and forever, then would you desire to see Him? Would you? If you'd raise your hands? Would every Christian believe it that? I—I would, with my hands up; I would love to see Him. Well, now, how can we see Him? The way we can see Him is by His works. Now, he hasn't come in a corporal body yet, among us. He's here in a spiritual body (You believe that?), a spiritual body called the Holy Spirit. He's in the form of the Holy Spirit. In the beginning God was a Spirit. And all the fountain of goodness and mercy and power, and all the good things of love, God was the center of that fountain. And then the Logos that went out of God in the beginning become what we would call a theophany, or a—a supernatural body. God is just not like the air, but He's in a body. Moses seen Him pass and said it looked like the back part of a man, and so forth. And then that same theophany was made flesh and dwelled among us. And we beheld Him, the only begotten of the Father: Christ.
("We Would See Jesus," sermon #57-0516)

And they use the word of eternal sonship of God. The word don't even make sense to me. The word "eternal" means "eternity, which had no begin or has no end." And "son" means "had a beginning." So how could it... It could be a eternal Godship, but never an eternal sonship. A son is one that's begotten of. So it had a beginning. So... And the Logos, which was the Son of God went out, created by these great fountains of purity, God, as those Spirits went out, and it created the Logos. And it was a body. It was in the form of what we are now, which is called in the clergy way of speaking it, a theophany. It's a body that doesn't have a spirit in it. It's a body that's waiting for you Christians. As soon as the life leaves this, you go into that body. When this earthly tabernacle be dissolved, we have one already waiting, a theophany. Now, when God was in theophany, which was Christ in the making, then that theophany become flesh and dwelled among us. Then that was to redeem. He came from there down through this to redeem this creature, give it life, and take it back up into the eternal one.
("Thirsting For Life," sermon #57-0630)

God sent the great Holy Spirit forth, the Logos, that went out of God, the Theophany of God, and it begin to brood, or make love to the earth.
("Hear Ye Him," sermon #57-0725)

The Logos, and this great Fountain, this great Fountain of Spirit which had no beginning or no end; this great Spirit began to form, in the creation, and the Logos that went out from It was the Son of God. It was the only visible form that the Spirit had. And It was a theophany, which means a body, and the body was like a man. Moses saw It when It passed through the... by—by the rock. And he looked at It, said, "It looked like the hind part of a man." It's the same type of body that we receive when we die here. "If this earthly tabernacle be dissolved, we have one already waiting." That was It. And that was the theophany which was the Son of God. That Son, that Logos, became flesh, because we were put in flesh. And the theophany, the Logos, became flesh, here among us, and It was nothing else but the dwelling place, for that entire Fountain dwelt in Him.
("Hebrews, Chapter One," sermon #57-0821)

And if the tutor worried to come before that father, what does the Holy Ghost do tonight, when It stands before God, the Father, to bring the conditions of the church before Him? And He has to come, and say, that: "Them, that's Your son, that's received Your Spirit, and's been born again, is fussing and fighting in among one another. There's no cooperation with them at all. They won't even cooperate enough to have a revival in the city." What do you think the blessed Holy Ghost feels like, when He has to bring such a message as that before the Father?
("Hear Ye Him," sermon #58-0301E)

Christ! The Holy Spirit! It's not with me only, It's with you. It just appeared there. When the Bible teaches that the children of Israel was brought out of Egypt, what happened? There was a Pillar of Fire that followed them. It wasn't the children of Israel that done the miracle, it was the Pillar of Fire that followed them. Is that right? How many knows that that was the Angel of the Covenant, the Logos? Why, of course, we know it was the Angel of the Covenant. All right. That was Christ. Moses esteemed the riches of Christ greater treasures than that... the riches of Egypt. Is that right? All right. Then that was Christ, the Logos, the Morning Star, the Alpha, Omega.
("Questions And Answers," sermon #59-0628E)

That's the Pillar of Fire that follows. It's the Holy Spirit; the Lord of Heaven; the Logos; the Jesus Christ.
("Questions And Answers," sermon #59-0628E)

Now, somebody says, "Brother Branham is a oneness." No, sir, I am not a oneness. I do not believe that Jesus could be His own father. I believe that Jesus had a Father, and that was God. But God dwelled and tabernacled in this body called Jesus, and He was Emmanuel: God with us. And there's no other God besides this God. He is Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. And the Name of the Father, Son, Holy Ghost... Father: the Lord, Son: Jesus, Holy Ghost: Logos, Spirit of God. Father, Son, Holy Ghost, Lord Jesus Christ; that's Him. And in Him dwelled the Fullness of the Godhead bodily.
("Questions And Answers," sermon #59-0628E)

Now, everyone believes and knows that the corporal body of the Lord Jesus sets at the right hand of God Almighty at the throne of God, making intercessions upon our confession. You all believe that? And the Holy Spirit is here, which was upon Him, which was God in Christ. Now, this is God in His church. God was in a Pillar of Fire once, the Logos that went out of God, that was the Angel of the covenant that went with the children of Israel through the wilderness. Then He was manifested, the same God in the flesh, which was His Son, that He overshadowed a virgin, created a Blood Cell, and lived in that body of flesh, the Son of God. Now, then when that Son of God, gave His Life and His body for a sacrifice, and God raised His body up on the third day, and set it at His right hand on high, then the Holy Spirit came back; and on the day of Pentecost the Bible said, "There were tongues of fire," like tongues, like a lick of fire, "set upon each of them." That was God, the same Holy Spirit that was in the wilderness with the children of Israel... You say, "That wasn't Jesus?" It was. After His death, burial, and resurrection, Saul was on his road down to Damascus, and a great Light struck him down. Jesus on earth, said, "I come from God, and I go to God." And after His death, burial, and resurrection, and His ascension, Saul on his road down to Damascus was struck down onto the ground. And he looked up and there was a Light that blinded him and cried, "Saul, Saul why persecutest thou Me?" He said, "Who are You, Lord?" He said, "I'm Jesus," had returned back to that same Pillar of Fire that led the children of Israel in the wilderness.
("Sirs, We Would See Jesus," sermon #61-0409)

I believe that God our Father overshadowed a virgin called Mary and created in her a Blood cell which brought forth Jesus Christ, which was the Son of God, the Tabernacle in which God inveiled Himself in flesh, manifested Himself among us: God was in Christ, reconciling the world to Himself. I believe that that Blood cell was broke at Calvary for the remission of our sins, and the Spirit went out of Him and came back upon the church, 'cause the Christ, the Holy Spirit—the Christ the Logos, was in us now, the Holy Spirit by baptism, making us... Christ separated Himself giving His Life to each one of us, that we, as a group of people, might be the church of God.
("The Godhead Explained," sermon #61-0425B)

God, tearing loose, oh, yeah, cutting apart, separating Himself, dividing Himself. He did the same thing on the Day of Pentecost, when the Holy Ghost come down. That Pillar of Fire come down, that followed Israel, we all know that was the Logos, that was Christ. And when It come down, on the Day of Pentecost, what did It do? It divided Itself, and tongues of Fire set upon each one of them. God dividing Himself among the people. Oh, brother, you can be undivided, with the same Spirit that was in Christ.
("Jehovah-Jireh #1," sermon #64-0402)

And any Bible reader knows that that Pillar of Fire was the Angel of the Covenant, the Logos that went out of God, which was Jesus.
("Scriptural Signs Of The Time," sermon #64-0410)

Now, that Pillar of Fire is the Logos that went out of God, the Logos, which is actually the attribute of the Fullness of God. When God become into a form to where It could be seen, It was the anointing of the great Spirit that went forth, It's condescending, coming down, God, the Father, the Logos that was up over Israel, that... He was holy, could not bear sin. There had to be a blood offering right in Eden. Then that Logos become flesh and dwelt among us; and where this Logos dwelt in a human body, which was the Sacrifice... When man was made in the image of God... And then God came down in the image of man to redeem man; that brought man and God together. Heavens and earth hugged and kissed each other; God and man embraced each other as Fatherhood and Sonship when the Logos became flesh and dwelled among us.
("Questions And Answers #2," sermon #64-0823E)

Like in the beginning, God, God dwelt alone, because He was the Eternal One, see, wasn't even God. God is an "object of worship." And the Logos, as we call It, the Word that went out of God, That, anyone knows that That was the Angel of the Lord, or the Word of the Lord, that followed the Israelites through the wilderness; the Angel of the Covenant, the Logos that went out of God. And then that Logos was made flesh and dwelt among us. Now we're in Saint John 1, "In the beginning was the Word, the Word was with God, and the Word was God." And now, as He gave His life for us, then His Spirit comes back upon us. Jesus said, "At that day you'll know that I'm in the Father, the Father in Me; I in you, and you in Me." See, It's God, all along, God manifesting Himself, working Himself through different ages. So those three, of, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, same God working in three attributes.
("The Seed Shall Not Be Heir With The Shuck," sermon #65-0429B)

He was neither Jew nor Gentile. He was God, the Logos, the Word that went out of God. When, He begin to brood upon the earth, and brought forth marine life. When the Spirit of God, the Logos, the Word, which God said, "Let there be," and there went the Logos, which is the Word. And the Word begin to... 'cause all this was in the Logos; the whole Word of God, the whole Bible, for every age. And as the Logos begin to breathe upon the earth, there come marine life; and building up, the bird life, on up to animal life. And finally there come something in the representation, or looked like the thing that was brewing it, brooding over it, God, a man in the very image of God. That man fell, like the seed has to fall. And then God begin to brood over that, after the fall. He brought up a—a Enoch, He brought up a Elijah, He brought up a Moses, He brought up prophet after prophet, trying to restore that image again. And, finally, upon the earth came the genuine image of God Himself again, which was God, the Logos made flesh and dwelt among us. Now that same Logos has a part, He has got a Bride, and the same Logos, this Word that cannot be tampered with, is brooding over the churches today, trying to bring back the Word to Its full manifestation. Which, the—the prophets was carriers to that Seed, and the church denominations has been carriers to the Seed now. Now notice, quickly, but like the shuck hugs, holds in the Seed now, then it leaves her. 82 Jesus was God. He was. His Father was the great Logos Itself. And He could not pour It all in Moses, for he was a prophet.
("The Seed Shall Not Be Heir With The Shuck," sermon #65-0429B)

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