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What Was the Attraction on the Mountain?
by John Kennah


On December 22, 1962, William Branham claimed to have had a vision in which he saw himself and his seven-year-old son Joseph in the desert near Tucson, Arizona. He noticed a group of tiny birds in a nearby bush which soon flew away. Then he saw a flock of larger birds fly past him. As he looked to the west, while still in the vision, he saw what he said were, "five of the mightiest angels I have saw in my life," flying towards him. As they approached, he heard what sounded like a sonic boom in the distant south and thought that this might mean that he was to be killed in an explosion. He dismissed the notion when he saw that Joseph was not affected. Besides, there were five angels before him. A single angel would signify death, he reasoned, but five was the number of grace. He then understood that the angels were there to give him his "new commission." The vision suddenly ended without an explanation of what this commission would be.1


WMB's Campsite at "Sunset Mountain"
3D satellite image from Google Earth
To see a satellite image of the area yourself online,
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On March 6, 1963, Branham and two friends (Eugene Norman and Fred Sothmann) set out to hunt javelina in a favorite location of his a few miles southeast of Klondyke, Arizona, in a wilderness area roughly 50 miles northeast of Tucson. They set up camp at their usual spot near the north end of Rattlesnake Mesa. Message believers commonly call the area "Sunset Mountain" after WMB referred to the area as such in a sermon in 1965. (Although their location was about 16 miles north of Sunset Peak, the area became known as "Sunset Mountain" after WMB began to call it that in 1965. See the sermon, "What Is the Attraction on the Mountain?" [message #65-0725E] where Branham once correctly identified the area as "Sunset Peak," but for the rest of the sermon he referred to it as "Sunset Mountain." He presumably did this because it fit well with his Message having come in what he believed to be the "evening time" of church history, as well as in reference to the many times the Bible points to important events happening on or at various mountain locations.)

On the morning of March 8, the three men separated to search for game individually. While they hunted, they were startled by a loud blast. When the three reunited, Branham immediately asked his two friends if they had heard the blast. They said they did, and continued hunting without any further discussion of the blast.2


After the hunting trip, Branham returned to his church in Jeffersonville, Indiana, to hold a series of special meetings that he had announced almost 2 1/2 months earlier.3 The subject of the meetings was to be, "The Revelation of the Seven Seals," based on Revelation 5 through 8. From March 18 through 24, Branham devoted seven evening services to teaching his interpretation of the seven seals. During the course of the meetings he claimed that the Holy Spirit swept into his room each day to supernaturally open the seal that he was going to preach on during each respective evening service.4 On the last evening of the meetings, Branham told his followers that he finally knew what the vision from December 22 meant. He said that the two flocks of birds represented two consecutive stages of his ministry, which he called the First and Second Pulls.5 He told his congregation that after he heard the blast while hunting with his friends at Sunset, the Holy Spirit told him to return to Jeffersonville to hold his series of meetings on the seven seals.6 At this time I must point out that since the meetings began, Branham had changed the number of angels he said he saw in his vision from five to seven.7He said the seven angels from his vision represented his journey back to Jeffersonville to preach his revelation of the seven seals at those meetings.8


The following May, Eugene Norman showed Branham a curious article in the May 17, 1963 issue of LIFE magazine.9 It reported that a large, ring shaped cloud appeared over Flagstaff, Arizona, and was so unusually high that it remained illuminated by the sun for one half-hour after sunset. At the time of the article, the origin of the cloud was still a mystery. A photograph of the cloud, taken at Flagstaff, accompanied the article.10 On June 1, 1963, Branham commented on the cloud to a small gathering of his followers. His explanation is somewhat vague, but he seemed to say that the photograph depicted the seven angels as they appeared in his vision of December 22.11 He pointed out that the presence of the cloud coincided with the approximate dates of his hunting trip at Sunset Mountain. His explanation began to evolve on June 23, 1963, when he said that the seven angels actually made a physical appearance to him at Sunset and that the cloud was formed as they approached.12 Between this date and December 4, 1965, Branham maintained on several occasions that the photograph in LIFE was taken while he was on his hunting trip and that his two friends also witnessed the appearance of the angels (they did not).13

In July, 1965, Branham said that the Lord had just showed him that if he turned the photo of the cloud 1/4 turn to the right, he would see that the cloud formed the outline of Jesus' head. He offered this as further vindication that his Message was the truth.14


There are several serious problems with Branham's explanation of the cloud. For example, the cloud that was featured in LIFE magazine was photographed on February 28, 1963, and for years Branham led his followers to believe that he was at Sunset Mountain with his two friends on that date. For the next 30 years, this is the date that his followers believed he met with 7 angels while hunting javelina. However, javelina hunting season in Arizona would not begin until the next day, March 1. The Arizona Game and Fish Department confirms that the 1962-63 javelina hunging season ran from March 1 through 10 (to see the front cover of the Arizona Game and Fish hunting pamphlet and the section on javelina hunting, click here and here) Also, LIFE's cloud appeared over Flagstaff, which is about 185 miles northwest of where Branham was hunting. William Branham was at the wrong place at the wrong time in relation to LIFE's Cloud. All things considered, there is no connection whatsoever between the appearance of the Cloud and William Branham's claimed angelic visitation at Sunset Mountain.15

From the time Branham had begun to claim that the angels formed the cloud, he began to credit them for other incidents that he had not mentioned before. For example, if you recall, Branham said that after he heard the blast while hunting, the Holy Spirit told him to return to his church to preach on the seals. However, after his discovery of the cloud he said that the angels told him to do so.16 Also, Branham originally said that the Holy Spirit opened the seals to him each day of the meetings on the seals, but after the cloud, he said that the angels took turns opening the seals to him each day.17


And what about you, church, that about six or eight months ago hearing, standing here saying, "IT’S THUS SAITH THE LORD, that I'm going to Tucson, Arizona. There'll be a blast and seven Angels will appear." You remember? Not even... God making it so real ‘til the Look magazine took the pictures of it.--William Branham
(Souls in Prison Now, vol 2-B, #22, p. 22, tape #63-1110M)

Can we prove that William Branham's vision was a false prophecy? Let's examine the evidence.

Deuteronomy 18:22 says, " If what a prophet proclaims in the name of the Lord does not take place or come true, that is a message the Lord has not spoken. The prophet has spoken presumptuously." There are several parts of the vision that did not come to pass as foretold. First, Branham plainly said he saw five angels in his vision the first time he told of it. When it allegedly came to pass, however, he said that seven angels actually appeared.

Second, Branham said that in the vision, his son Joseph was with him. On one occasion he even said that Joseph was with him when the vision came to pass.18 I questioned Branham's son Joseph about what he saw at Sunset and he told me that he did not accompany his father on the trip when the angels supposedly met with Branham.19 The two flocks of birds were also absent from the vision's fulfillment.

Third, even though WMB claimed to see a group of 5 or 7 angels in his vision (whichever sermon you choose to believe), it wasn't until after he learned of the Cloud in LIFE magazine that he said 7 angels actually appeared to him while he was hunting. Previously, in his series of sermons on the Seven Seals in late March, he claimed the angelic portion of his vision was symbolic of the Holy Spirit when, during each day of the series, He would visit him in his room and reveal to him the meaning of the Seal he was going to preach on that evening.

Finally, Branham said that the blast in his vision came from the distant south. When it came to pass, however, it was apparently centered at his location and "almost ... shook the mountains down."20

It is clear that Branham's "THUS SAITH THE LORD" prophetic vision was not from God.


In this article we have examined three aspects of Branham's vision and its so-called fulfillment and have found ample reason to believe that he was a false prophet. First, we found many discrepancies in his explanation for the cloud's origin. Next, we noted that many details in Branham's account of what happened during this entire episode changed frequently. Finally, we determined that his vision did not come to pass as foretold. To see a list of quotes Wm. Branham made regarding the appearance of the Cloud, Click Here.

My desire is that those who follow William Branham's teachings will discover that his prophetic ministry could not have been commissioned by the Lord and that the only Message of the hour is the Gospel of Jesus Christ as found in the Bible.


Origin of the Cloud and the Message Believers' Response

What caused this unusual Cloud formation over the Arizona desert on February 28, 1963? It is true that it was located about 26 miles in altitude. It is not true that clouds do not form this high. However, this cloud was not formed naturally or even supernaturally; it was man-made. During an investigation of the Cloud, Dr. James E. McDonald of the University of Arizona Institute of Atmospheric Physics learned that a series of test missiles were launched from Vandenberg Air Force Base on the coast north of Los Angeles, California in 1963. Several of those launches left trails in the sky similar to the one that appeared in the May 17, 1963 issue of LIFE magazine. Trails at the altitude of the Cloud are not visible during daylight hours because the sky is too bright for them to be seen (just as stars are not visible during daylight hours). When the sky is dark, these clouds are so high that they remain illuminated by the sun which shines directly on them (just as the sun continues to shine on the moon after sunset). This was a rare phenomenon in 1963 because missile tests were uncommon. When the clouds formed by the rockets began appearing, the public did not know what caused them. The formation of such clouds is now relatively common. I have seen this awesome phenomenon on at least four occasions during the past 8 years here in Tucson because of our close proximity to Vandenberg AFB and White Sands Missile Range in New Mexico. It is a fantastic sight to see a brightly-lit cloud in a dark sky.

Dr. McDonald concluded that the Cloud was the result of a test missile which was launched from Vandenberg AFB and detonated nearly directly overhead earlier in the day of February 28, 1963. The steady, high speed stratospheric wind carried the Cloud to where it was later discovered over Flagstaff, Arizona after sunset. Followers of the Message, however, continue to insist that there is no scientific explanation for the Cloud.

Recently, Message believers have attempted to suggest that Dr. McDonald really wasn't sure what caused the formation of the Cloud based on a six page document he published in May 1963. In the course of his investigation of the Cloud, Dr. McDonald amassed a large volume of photographs and weather data pertaining to the Cloud. On May 31, 1963, he published this six paged paper which was titled, "Status of Investigation of the Northern Arizona Stratospheric Cloud of February 28, 1963". This report was not a final analysis of his investigation, but a progress report of what he had learned to date. However, Message believers misrepresent this report and refer to it as proof that Dr. McDonald was not convinced that the Cloud was formed by the Vandenberg rocket. On page 5 of the report, Dr. McDonald clearly stated, "... [I]t remains uncertain whether one may conclude that the Flagstaff cloud was due to the detonation at Vandenberg. It is necessary to seek still further cross-checks" (emphasis added). The "further cross-checks" were never made because such data was not collected and thus not available to Dr. McDonald. It is clear that in this report, Dr. McDonald had not finished his investigation nor had he drawn a final conclusion of what formed the Cloud. Some time after he wrote this paper, he became satisfied that the Cloud was the result of the rocket launched from Vandenberg. In a 1996 letter to George Greene of Christian Awareness Fellowship, Aden and Marjorie Meinel (authors of Sunsets, Twilights and Evening Skies, and colleagues of Dr. McDonald at the University of Arizona) said, “Aden was involved with the launch of rockets from Vandenburg AFB, California and immediately recognized the McDonald cloud as from an explosion of a rocket the afternoon of 28 February 1963. We told McDonald of the event. . . . He was disappointed to learn that it was only a man-made cloud.” In a subsequent telephonic phone interview I did with Mrs. Meinel, she told me that Dr. McDonald stopped writing articles on the Cloud after he became convinced of its the mundane human origin.

At this point, it is interesting to note that after Dr. McDonald published his final article pertaining to the Cloud, other similar clouds began appearing over southwestern skies. These clouds were immediately explained as noctilucent trails caused by the launches of rockets from from Vandenberg AFB. See, "Cloud Was 1 of Several in 1963".

In a letter dated June 5, 1980, from Dr. Louis Battan (then Director of the University of Arizona Institute of Atmospheric Physics) wrote, "He [Dr. McDonald] convinced himself and others here at the Institute that the cloud was caused by the release of water into the upper atmosphere by the detonation of a rocket fired from Vandenberg." In the mid-2000's, I spoke with a colleague of Dr. McDonald (a professor emeritus of whom I'm not at liberty to identify) who affirmed what Dr. Battan had said.

This simple explanation for the Cloud caused Dr. McDonald to lose all interest in publishing any further articles about it, and he spent the major part of his energies with his real passion, the investigation of UFO's, of which he was a firm believer. The Message believers' claim that Dr. McDonald was not sure the Cloud was formed by the rocket at Vandenberg, particularly based on his progress report, is thus unfounded.

For those who are still inclined to believe that the Cloud was a supernatural sign sent to confirm WMB's Message, please consider the following:

  1. Why didn't WMB seem to know anything about the Cloud until Gene Norman brought the May 17, 1963 issue of LIFE magazine to his attention (approximately 3 months after his experience with the 7 angels and his preaching of the Seven Seals)?
  2. Instead of appearing over Sunset Peak, why did the Cloud appear over Flagstaff, Arizona, which is 200 miles to the northwest?
  3. Why have followers of the Message claimed for nearly 40 years that the Cloud appeared during WMB's visit by the 7 angels while hunting despite evidence proving the contrary? Some are still erroneously publishing that WMB's hunting trip coincided with the Cloud's appearance on February 28, 1963.
  4. If the Cloud was a sign that WMB would soon meet with the 7 angels as Rebekah Branham-Smith has said, why didn't he know that, allowing his followers to believe that the angels formed it while he met them at Sunset on February 28, 1963? And why didn't anyone know of such a sign until long after the event it was supposed to have predicted had come to pass?
  5. Why do followers of the Message continue to say that there is no scientific explanation for the Cloud?

When the facts are known, we find that there is no connection whatsoever between the Cloud's appearance and WMB's hunting trip in Arizona. In fact, there is nothing in common between the Cloud formation and William Branham at all! Don't take my word for it. Search the facts for yourself!


Rewriting Message History

Followers of the Message who acknowledge that the Cloud of February 28, 1963 could not have been photographed at the time of Wm. Branham’s hunting trip refer to this single quote as proof that he never said the Cloud in LIFE was the same Cloud he saw while hunting at Sunset Peak. In spite of the fact that he has stated in approximately 25 different occasions that the Cloud in LIFE was indeed formed by the seven angels at the time they commissioned him during his hunting trip, Message believers hang their revised interpretations of events on a single ambiguous quote which appears in this week’s “Quote of the Week.” The sentence that is used to negate the long established belief (27+ years) that the February 28th Cloud coincided with Wm. Branham’s hunting trip is the following:

I looked to see when it was, and it was time, same 'bout day or two before or, day or two after I was up there.

To many Message believers today, this quote is used to reinterpret over two dozen statements Wm. Branham made between June 23, 1963 and December 4, 1965 where he unambiguously stated that the Cloud that appeared in LIFE magazine was nothing less than a photographic depiction of the angels as they appeared to him while hunting.

One seemingly ambiguous statement vs. over two dozen clear statements. What did Wm. Branham mean when he made this single statement that would rewrite Message history?

I looked to see when it was, and it was time, same 'bout day or two before or, day or two after I was up there.

Message believers say that this statement proves that Wm. Branham said that the Cloud was not formed while he was hunting. They claim he was saying that the Cloud in LIFE appeared either a day or two before, or a day or two after he was hunting at Sunset Peak when the angels appeared to him, but nowhere in between. In other words, they believe he said the Cloud really appeared either before or after he was hunting, but definitely not on the same day.  That makes little sense.

If the Cloud appeared a day or two after he was hunting, that would have meant it didn’t appear until a day or two after he had left Sunset Peak. This would have placed the date at March 10 or 11, according to the dates of the hunting trip that appear in Rebekah Smith’s June 1992 article in Only Believe magazine. I don’t know of a single Message believer who thinks the Cloud was formed after the angels visited him.  Besides, there is too much documentation to suggest that the February 28 date of the Cloud’s appearance is wrong. 

But, if the Cloud was formed a day or two before he was hunting, that would have meant that it really appeared on March 4 or 5.  Again, it's not arguable that the Cloud appeared on any date other than February 28. 

“...'[B]out day or two before or, day or two after...”. The very quote they’ve interpreted to prove that the Cloud in LIFE was not what Wm. Branham saw at Sunset Peak really indicates that Wm. Branham had no idea when the Cloud appeared in relation to his hunting trip. Instead of supporting their case, this quote actually contradicts what they want it to say.

So what did he mean by his statement?

I looked to see when it was, and it was time, same 'bout day or two before or, day or two after I was up there.

If one examines his remarks in context of the entire quote, Wm. Branham isn’t saying that the Cloud was not formed when he was hunting. He is laying the groundwork for the eventual claim that the Cloud in LIFE was indeed photographed at the same time and place he was hunting javelina with his two friends. In this statement, he was saying in effect, “I looked at the date of when the Cloud was photographed and noticed that I was there at about that same time!” The implication being that it was formed at the same time he was hunting at Sunset Peak.

The next time he mentioned the Cloud three weeks later, he is not the least ambiguous:

And now, the "Life" Magazine picked it up. And I have the--the article here this morning in the "Life" Magazine there, of the show... Now, here it is, the same time I was there.

Just five days later, he said,

Now, science took the picture of It, you seen It, went on Associated Press. They didn't know what It was. There's a Cloud hanging, twenty-six miles high. That's fifteen miles, or twenty, above even where vapor's at. They don't know what it's all going about, and they're trying to investigate It. And there, right under It, I was standing. And those seven Angels roaring out their voices, of those Seven Seals, standing there. And the witness, three of us, as a witness of the things that was prophesied on the tape, "Sirs, What Time Is It?" And there now they're trying to find out. It's a mystery to them.

To those who follow the Message, one seemingly ambiguous statement has negated 25 quotes and nearly 30 years of what this Cloud was said to represent by Wm. Branham’s followers (including a revised edition of the book, The Acts of the Prophet, by Pearry Green, with the only changes being the events surrounding the Cloud). I believe that this statement, when read in context and compared with 25 others, clearly shows Wm. Branham’s intent was that his followers believe that the Cloud was formed by the 7 angels when they commissioned him while he was hunting javelina on February 28, 1963--something which has been proven by Message believers such as Rebekah Smith and accepted by Message believers worldwide to have been an impossibility.


Cloud Related Documents From the Files of John Kennah

Letter from Louis Battan, 6-5-80
Letter from Louis Battan (colleague of Dr. McDonald and Director of the University of Arizona Institute of Atmospheric Physics) to ex-Message believer Robert Moore, stating that Dr. McDonald convinced himself and others of the Cloud's human origin.

Letter from the Department of the Air Force, p. 1 & p. 2, 1-26-96
Letter from Air Force Chief Officer of History to George Greene, confirming the fact that the Cloud was caused by one or the other of two Missiles launched from Vandenberg AFB on February 28, 1963. The date of the letter contains a typo. It was actually written on 26 January, 1996.

Letter from Aden and Marjorie Meinel, 8-23-96
Letter from Aden & Marjorie Meinel to George Greene (then chaplain of Christian Awareness Fellowship) in which they said they knew what formed the cloud and that they informed Dr. McDonald of its man-made origin (to see a discussion at our forum of the two reports written by Dr. Meinel in 1963 that are menioned in this letter, see, "Cloud Was 1 of Several in 1963" posted on October 21, 2007). In a personal phone call I made to Mrs. Meinel, she told me that Dr. McDonald stopped writing about the Cloud when he became convinced that it was man-made.

Thrust Augmented Thor Report
Unclassified report of the Thrust Augmented Thor 354/Agena 1159 Missile that created the Cloud on February 28, 1963.

Letter from Betsy McDonald, 9-10-96
Letter from widow of Dr. James McDonald, Betsy McDonald, to George Greene confirming Dr. McDonald's conclusion of the human origin of the Cloud.

Timeline of events surrounding the Cloud as it appears in "The Message: What every follower of William Branham should know," by John Kennah (1991)

Timeline p. 1 & p. 2
Timeline of events surrounding the cloud published in "Only Believe" magazine in 1992 the year after John Kennah had mailed his booklet to several prominent leaders in the Message.

Last page of the "Seals Book"
Photo of the Cloud in the "Seals Book" falsely claiming in the caption that WMB mentioned the Cloud throughout the book (referenced in "The Message," by John Kennah [1991]).

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2004, I found a possibly related article written the day after the Cloud appeared over Arizona. The Arizona Republic had reported of complaints by residents and businesses in Springerville, AZ, of shattered windows caused by two unusually loud sonic booms made by military jets flying out of Williams Air Force Base near Phoenix two days previously. The article goes on to say that such sonic booms had been occurring more loudly in previous weeks. (see, "Springerville Shaken Up by Sonic Booms," March 1, 1963) back

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Revised and updated from, "What Was the Attraction on the Mountain," by John Kennah, Copyright ©1996, The SERVANT, vol. II, issue 96, Christian Awareness Fellowship, Inc. Used by permission.

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