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The following is a short list of users of SIOD, the Scheme In One Day interpreter. Even though SIOD has been in general distribution for about 9 years, this list was not started until 1997. If you know of things I am missing please send me email via

Some user contributed material that I haven't had a chance to encorporate is in siod-contrib.txt including string and character support plus hooks for an object system.

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From:	IN%""  "Bob Bane" 17-APR-1997 16:08:45.16

The Regional Validation Center (RVC) project out of NASA Goddard Code
935 is a system for catching, processing, indexing, storing and
retrieving satellite image data.  Its pieces (OO database in C++,
planner/scheduler in Lisp, data access clients in Tk) communicate by
passing s-expressions via sockets.  The parts that aren't in Lisp use
SIOD to read and traverse s-expressions.  In the near future I want to
use SIOD as a scripting language in a non-Tk data access client.

All I wrote to make SIOD work for this was a simple C API for walking
lists; I also put a case-smashing hack in the symbol scanner (which you
might want to add back into SIOD).  The Tk people here are finally
disgusted with handling S-expressions as tcl lists or strings, so we're
giving them tcl access to the C API.


I've also used SIOD in quick hacks on other NASA projects.  I needed to
write a program to translate the configuration files from a 20-year-old
data server to the format of a newer data server.  I compiled SIOD on
Solaris/x86, wrote a simple recursive-descent parser, slurped the old
files into list structure, then walked the list to emit the new files;
it was finished in about the time it would have taken to write the
lex/yacc infrastructure just to read the data.

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