Breadman Plus TR-800 TR800 Instruction Manual

During a pantry clean-out session I found my old Breadman Plus TR-800 TR800 automatic bread baker; and wanted to put it to good use again, immediately. Unfortunately I could not find the manual. All I could find using internet searches were other people asking for the same manual. The manufacture web site wasn't much help either, having only manuals for the most recent models for download. Quite possibly that could have been good enough. Fortunately, further cleaning uncovered the both of these:
  1. Breadman Instruction Manual.
  2. Healthy Bread Recipes and menu planner.

In a sense of public support for all those who are finding old machines, in the closet perhaps at a garage sale, I have scanned both of these documents as grayscale JPG files. Unfortunately each two-page file is about 300kb, and I do not have enough storage on this site to support such a collection.

So to get this going quickly I have uploaded each document into the Ringo photo-sharing web site. Give it a try and see if it is readable for you. There are three levels of images, a thumbnail, a preview, and an original image. The last one should be pretty sharp.