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Hammered DulcimerI'm a second-year law student & single parent...and I have a passion for listening to and playing the Hammered Dulcimer. I learned of the Hammered Dulcimer some five years (2001) ago when I visited a Street Fair in Encinitas, California and had the privilege of seeing Scott Williams play his Master Works Hammered Dulcimer. As many are, I was immediately intrigued and delighted with the sound and apearance of the instrument, as well as how it is played. I immediately purchased one of his CD's...but then quickly forgot about it, stashing it with my other CD's in my extensive collection of rarely played CD's.

A few years later, I happened upon the CD again and popped it in...and fell in love with the instrument all over again. I played the CD non-stop in my car (much to the chagrin of my 13-year-old son) and soon determined that I would look into buying a Hammered Dulcimer for myself and learn to play it. It didn't take long, I found there was quite a market for used Hammered Dulcimers on eBay, but didn't know what brand I wanted. Apparently there are quite a few brands, but I finally decided that I wanted to purchase a Master Works Hammered Dulcimer. These HD's are made by Russell Cook, a master HD player. You should really check out his recordings...incredible stuff. I tried a few brands, but the Master Works had the fullest, richest sound of the ones I heard. Opinions vary, of course, so one should pick the instrument that is right for him or herself.

This page will have links to my recordings (many of which are songs I learned from Scott Williams CD), some celtic tunes, and even perhaps a few compositions of my own. I am working on a project of favorites tunes I well as a project of traditional hymns for my mother.

My ultimate goal is to play at street fairs, festivals and the like...and to teach others to play the Hammered Dulcimer and to keep the tradition alive. Musical education is so very important for children, as studies have shown that children who learn musical theory and instrumentation tend to fair better in mathematics.

Feel free to look around the site, enjoy my photos, music, links, and other things...and please feel free to drop me a line if you are so inclined. This is a page in progress.

Tony Pearson

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My Music

All of my recordings are performed using the Master Works Hammered Dulcimer, recorded at home, using Sennheiser Microphones on Acid Pro Software (recorded and mixed), published on Acid Planet. Obviously, these recordings are "not for profit" and I do this for my own enjoyment and satisfaction. I am currently recording a studio CD and it will be ready for release later in 2006. Most, if not all, of the music I play is learned by ear...I can read music, but just barely. Rather than learn something the traditional way...I take songs that I love and pick them out on the dulcimer...and then attempt a recording so I won't lose it. Some of these recordings aren't perfect, as a result. But, they make me happy.

I'm learning a lot about chord progressions and different, experimental runs on the dulcimer from Kendra Ward who is a very prolific HD player. I learned one of her original composition called "Firelights Waltz" which was composed by her and Bob Bence of You really should check them out. They are world-class musicians.

If you have any suggestions for me or just want to drop me a line, please feel free to do so. I don't get a whole lot of contact with other HD players, so I am basically on my own with my beloved instrument...but I hope to do more in the future. Email if you wish at:

Ash Grove

Harvest Home

Off To California

Over The Waterfall

Si Beag Si Mor


Amazing Grace

A Soulin - Rock Celtic

Home - Vocal, non-hammered dulcimer recording

In This Life - Vocal, favorite Colin Raye song

Canon in D - Duet with Jim Sisti on guitar

I'd Rather Have Jesus

My Heart Will Go On

Firelights Waltz - Wonderful song composed by Kendra Ward and Bob Bence (

All recordings are PUBLIC DOMAIN music except for "Music Box Dancer", "Home" & "In This Life" Copyright Owned by Original Artists
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