The pictures listed below are from a new mine in an area appropriately called The Strips in "Birding in Western Pennsylvania" by The Audubon Society of Western Pennsylvania.

The new mine is along the road listed as T328 in the site description, which is between the road leading to the marsh and the pond on road T326. The new mine is on the southeastern side of T328, and a new mine building is being constructed across the road from it. They are also dumping spoil from the mine across from it on the northwest side of the road.

Visitors to The Strips should know that they are mining and very large dump trucks are hauling spoil out of the pit across T328. They have not shut down the road, but it will be a dangerous truck crossing for visitors to the northern end of The Strips.

Below are links to pictures of the new strip mine.

View of the mine as you approach it on T831:

Looking down into the new mine from the haul road into the mine:

A view of the new settling pond for the mine at the corner of the road leading to the marsh and T328:

A view of the area where they are piling spoil from the mine:

A rather spectacular view of the mine hole from T328:

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