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Some Useful links for My Train of Thought

Here are a number of useful URLs for research, web search, business, religion, and just plain fun!

Internet Sites for Food Technology, Chemistry and Consumer Information
Source Of InformationComments
Guelph Food Technology CentreA non-profit food product development and pilot plant facility. Major developments at GFTC were headed by one of the finest scientists it has been my privilege to know. The modern facilities are his legacy.
Institute of Food TechnologistsThe Mother of all food technology organizations, based in the U.S. but known globally.
Code of Federal RegulationsSearchable database of U.S. regulations including Food and Drug. A perfect cure for insomnia!
American Association of Cereal ChemistsA great scientific and technical organization specializing in cereal science. I love being a member.
American Oil Chemists' SocietyIf you want to learn about fats and oils, or soaps and emulsifiers, this is your kind of place!
American Chemical SocietyThe website for the American chemistry professional.
Chemical Institute of CanadaThe website for the Canadian professional chemist.
Queen's University Chemistry HomePageWell, I just couldn't resist putting this one here as I am a Queen's graduate. Go Gaels go!

Internet Search Engine Sites
Source Of InformationComments
Excite Net SearchIf I had to choose one search engine to take on a desert island with me, this would be the one.
Yahoo CanadaThe Canadian home of this classic directory application. Drill down through the categories, or search from the top.
Alta VistaMy favorite index search engine. Type in some keywords and you are on the way.
HotBotFast and extensive list of pages. It isn't as slick as Alta Vista, but if you can't find it anywhere else try here.
InfoseekThis one has received a lot of favorable reviews lately. It combines a directory and an index very nicely. You might enjoy Infoseek searching!
LookSmartIt's targeted to Net newbies, and it's easy to use. If you like "Readers Digest" take it out for a spin.
WebCrawlerOne of the all time classic index engines. I still use it on occasion.
LycosProdigy thinks so much of Lycos, they made it the default search engine for their Internet service. You can judge for yourself, I suppose.

Sites to Search for Addresses and Phone Numbers
Source Of InformationComments
WhoWhereOne of the best places on the Web to find Email addresses.
IName Personalized Email ServicesGet your own personalized Email address.
Canada 411Canadian telephone White Pages - very useful, eh?
E-Mail DirectoryAnother very powerful Email address finder.
BigfootA very "kewl" website with an attitude. Perfect for the younger set.
Internet Address FinderTry this one if you don't have success with other address locators.
InfospaceA powerful combination of Email, telephone, and business addresses. Worth a look!

Sites Dealing With Transportation
Source Of InformationComments
Steam Locomotive InformationIf you are a Steam fan, it just doesn't get any better than this!
Via Rail SchedulesIf you are travelling by train in Canada, start looking here.
The London Bus PageA wonderful collection of facts and photos about the famous red buses. Not all are doubledeckers, by the way.

Sites Dealing with Entertainment
Source Of InformationComments
Internet Movie DatabaseThe best place on the WWW to find out information about movies.
Mr. Cranky Rates the MoviesIt should be called Mr.Cranky HATES the movies, since he really puts every one in the dumpster. But he's hilarious.
London Theatre GuideThe definitive guide to what's currently on stage in London.
Movie Review Query EngineWell written reviews of your favorite movies.

Sites Dealing With News and Sports
Source Of InformationComments
The Toronto StarOne of Canada's great newspapers on-line.
Canadian Online ExplorerNews, sports, magazines, and more right in one place, eh?
The London TimesLondon's most prestigious paper online. The Sunday edition is legendary.
Electronic TelegraphAnother great London paper. A bit less cerebral than the Times, but still fine reading. The weather is particularly well documented.

Sites Dealing with Religion
Source Of InformationComments
San Francisco Bay Catholic MagazineA well balanced and informative site with lots of links to the Catholic world.
Andrew Greeley's Web PagePriest, sociologist and famous novelist - Father Greeley is an interesting man. Learn more about him here.
Archdiocese of ChicagoWebsite of one of America's most influential Catholic communities.

Sites Dealing with Computers and Computing
Source of InformationComments
CNET OnLineOne of the best sources of news about computing and the Internet.
Consummate WinSock Apps ListOne of the best sites to find Internet software. Everything from browsers to MIDI players to Email clients.
TUCOWSAnother excellent place to download Internet software.

Sites Dealing with Personal Finance
Source of InformationComments
Investors GroupThe largest mutual fund company in Canada, and one of the best.
Trimark CanadaAnother large and very professional Canadian mutual fund company.
Dominion SecuritiesCanada's largest full service broker. A good stock index ticker on the home page.
The Fund LibraryA useful collection of information about selected Canadian mutual funds. Offered by a famous mutual fund writer.
Shirin Mutual Funds SwitchboardLinks to just about any kind of mutual fund information. Recommended by Toronto Star investment writer David Toole.
Investment Funds Institute of CanadaThe national association of the Canadian mutual funds industry. Links to many dealers are available here.
Mutual Funds InteractiveIf you are interested in information about U.S. mutual funds, this is the spot to look.

Sites of Miscellaneous Interest and Utility
Source of InformationComments
Barry's Clip Art ServerOne of my favorite sources of graphics for home pages.
Amazon Books OnLineThe largest on line bookstore. Just try the search and see if you can stump them with a rare volume!
Chapters Books OnlineThe Canadian version of Amazon, with Canadian pricing.

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